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Hi there,

I have been trying to make my Network works for quite sometime now.

I lost sponsor because they did not like the layout.
O lost users cause They think the site confuse, They can't find how to upload photos or Like a photo each is the base of a network.
I lost blogger cause they think the layout is terrible and they don't want to write on some new web each is kind of ugly.
A lost money, cause I use on advertainment, And Guess what. People said the website is confusing and they could now find how to upload photos and like.
I try to create a list of emails with MailChimp, but that also not working.
I don't know  about codes, but all the time I see some to try to fix something 

I see Lot's of Ning user asking for somethings, like put the like button in the right place, and other things, over and over again, they do not listen and just give the excuses.

Is just me or is lot's of thing wrong here?
Is there any other company that offers the same we can find on Ning but really works?

I can not trust this company anymore and try to create my business here. and a waste of time and money. nothing is fast and everything works more or less. Now they want to charge me for a code to put the Like button in the correct place. I'm not happy


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  • NC for Hire

    It is true that there are some things missing and broken.  It is true that there should be quicker support.  However, Ning is not in the business of building communities.... they build a community platform.  It is up to you entirely to make your community design and functionality work for your members.  No one should blame Ning for losing members because it is the community manager's /creator's responsibility to tune and design their community to meet the needs of their audience.  I agree that there are some things missing and wish things on Ning's end moved a bit faster however, if I were you, I would strip everything down to the basic features and build it back up according to what your community needs.  You can always hire someone to design it the way you would like and add the features you need, but at the end of the day you cannot blame ning for your member's perceptions.   A long time ago I stopped complaining and started pushing the community to its limits using what I had to work with.   Is my community perfect?  Hell no...  websites and communities are like fashion.......... they are never finished.  I bet if you changed your perspective and rebuilt from the ground up, you would be happier with your community.  Happy to help if you need it....but I do not complain....i build.   If you switched to buddypress or social engine... your headaches would grow...  just my 2 cents

    • NC for Hire

      Honestly, Ning should seriously consider hiring someone who has been on the platform for years to join the support team because NCs for hire (like myself) are looked to for advice and information for upcoming features and inside intel on issues that other NCs are having.  Nevertheless, we are in the dark just like everyone else.  Without a person like this on staff, these problems will likely persist.  Build around the issues and communicate with your members and you'll have an easier time...its all about perspective.  Ning still is the best platform for building communities, in my opinion... and I've tried them all..

    •  Hi there,

        After your answer, I honestly think about definitely leave Ning once for all. If a user thinks like that, Ning can be as dumb as they want, because the user will not force This company to make work what we pay for.  
         But I took some time and put all my heard to understand what you mean, That is why I took so long to answer it. I was Upset and now I see and agree when you say, no one can blame Ning for no success of any Network. That is true. it depends only of a network owner. You are right 100%

        But yes, everyone can blame Ning when the success of his network depends on the tools we pay for does not work.

      When Third part integration does no work for years.

      When every member complains about something, and don't fix and put effort on something else.

      When You can not make a good e-mail marketing, because the integration is not working well.

      When The members laughing at me about the Ranking system. That would be a great tool if anyone could not cheat. Imagine how could we make encourage our users with a call to action to win a price! But that is a Joke. Anyone can get a how many points they want, just uploading as many photos as they want.

      If the landing page could capture an e-mail and phone numbers. You people really think is ok to not?

      If My user could find a way to LIKE a Photo. No one can find a Like button. I Social network is all about like Photos. Are those people living on the same planet that I am? Because in this planet people die for getting Like on their photos. On Ning every one keeps asking. But where it is?

      If the template was great 15 years ago? How old the designers are? ( Landing page looks great. )

      If..... And this is even worse. No members can find a button to upload a single photo. Every user of Ning complains about that for years. Are they listening?

      And so on... Ning is working so hard to has what every company alright has. Creating a store etc. And they did forgot they were unique to offer a Social network. But they never worked well, did they? You are a good example of that, You making money, solving Ning problems for your users. I see you helping Lot's of people. And I do Agree that, they should hire you. 


      So yes. We can blame Ning for that. First they need to fix that, then we talk.

  • Hi there,

    Why this page is getting removed from the Forum?


This reply was deleted.



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