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Hi there. I'm having a real problem. I have had website communities for years. I decided I loved these tabs and the way the new 3.0 platform looks so I created a website. There's one thing missing though and it's big. My websites have always had lots of member participation but not so here on the new 3.0 platform and that's because when someone adds a discussion to the site not anyone except for the person that added the discussion knows it's in the group. "If" by chance, another member comes on the site and sees the activity feed then they can read it but otherwise my members don't know what's going on with the website. I pay quite a bit more here for my website than I was at my old website with another company. My website here on ning is practically dead. No one comes on unless I send out email notifications, feature lots of things and reply to a lot of discussions which makes me look like I'm bugging.

I like the daily diary but it's only for email notifications too. Who cares about getting a daily diary of emails notifications. But, people would love getting a daily diary of all of the discussions that were added to the site that day. And these "follow" this discussion? Who is going to follow something that they don't even know that the discussion is there in the group because no one got a notification of the discussion being added in the first place? It's just silly.

On the other sites I was a creator on they always sent out an email notification when someone added a discussion to a group that a member belonged to. That's only kind. Some of the old ning sites had so much being added in a day in a group that it clogged up my email but at least we got notified in our home emails and I could go read whatever discusision in the group. But a choice of a daily diary for all that was added to the site in the day is such a good idea! Please think about this. It's no use of me having a site and pay for one when no one comes on because no one knows what's going on.

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  • Hi there!

    Thanks for your feedback. I have passed your suggestion to the management and when there will be any news regarding the implementation of such email notifications I'll let you know.

    Meanwhile, I can just suggest you to send newly added content to the members by using broadcast messages feature, in such case, it would be necessary to create such daily digest manually.

    Apologies for any inconveniences.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • Kyryl greetings, posivility send private message to all members, private message is better than broadcast message, because private message reaches the member's mail and also arrives at network mail, keep in mind this, thanks Kyryl
      • Hi Manuel,

        I have created the report for your suggestion as well and will let you know when there would be any news from management.


        Ning Team.

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  • One solution is to leave open session on the mobile phone, to be able to participate and see activity source, communicate to members to do this, greetings
  • I agree  Helena.

    Good to be ableto 'follow' discusions and get notified about new posts in them.

    BUT yes really need  to be able to 'follow' a whole Group so that the groupmembers get notifcation when a NEW discussion is added to group!  This is important for a active site. I know Jamroom has had this ability for a long time already- to'follow' Group and be notifyd when new group discussion is creatd.(also their google secure https, chat, andFB share functions actualy WORK,what a concept) .
    At currentr ning prices, these things need to b fixed or added right away for sucessful Ning social networking sites. Also increase storage limits- they are woefuly limited! THNX

    • Hi there!

      I have added your comment to the report created before, so when the management would make the decision I'll post their answer here on creators.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Hi there. Thank you for your feedback here. I think it would be a pain to have to send a broadcast out everytime anyone adds a discussion to the site. That's just too much. I like the idea of a daily diary going out to all of the members home email of all of the discussions that were added that day to the site. Replies to a discussion should also be added to the daily diary.

        And Kryl I don't want to have to send out a private message whenever anyone adds a discussion. On all of my other sites that I have been a creater on whenever anyone added a new discussion in a group all of the members in the group got a notification in their home email that the discussion was created.

        And one site, like I mentioned before has a daily diary of all of the discussions that were added to the site. I like that a lot because if there is a lot of discussions added to a site in one day for one, it doesn't clog up a person's home email and also if the daily diary sends out all of the discussions that were added to the site, not just the group a person belongs to this promotes more activity on a site.

        Here is an example. Let's say I add an article or discussion in my "Food For Your Health" group and there is a member of the site that is not a member of that group. Let's say my discussion or article could be important to that person but they wouldn't see the discussion because they aren't a member of that group.

        If a daily diary of all of the titles of the discussions that were added to the site was sent out in a daily diary, the member that doesn't belong to the group may be interested in the article and join the group. That's more member particiation.

        Also, with the way it is right now there's not even a notification email that a discussion was added to a group that people belong to. How is anyone in the group going to know about the discussion being added? They can't "follow" the discussion because the member hasn't been notified in the home email to even know the discussion was added to the site.

        Sometimes I'm busy and I don't know a discussion was added myself. The past week I've had family at my house and I havn't been able to get on so the discussion can get lost in the activity feed. And that's just a pain for a creator to have to send out a notification every time a discussion gets added. Creators have enough responsibility on the site trying to keep members active without having to look like I'm "bugging".

        • Hi there!

          Yes, I do understand that sending the broadcast messages isn't a really convenient way to notify the members about all posted discussions on the network, that's why your suggestion has been delivered to the management of the project. However, it's the way around that is available for now. Apologies for the inconveniences.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

    • Yes storage limits are very small so why does the 2.0 get 10 to our 1 GB??  Those who moved to the 3.0 maybe should be given 10 as well for staying with Ning and while we were ignored and features promised were never added.  I think Ning is doing so much better now and I thank you but there is more to be done about reaching our members.

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