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Photo uploads being auto resized

I swear that I read a recent comment in the Ning Creators forum on this topic, but now searching for it cannot locate that discussion to see if that issue was ever identified and resolved. It has only recently started happening on my site (still under Ning 2.0 plan).

Large images  are being automatically resized or rescaled (much smaller) when uploaded on the Ning site.  In the past, the image would be scaled down to fit the screen frame, but a viewer could either choose the VIEW FULL SIZE option on the photo page or double click any image in a blog or forum post or discussion comment to open it back up to full size for details.

Now that is not happening.  Attached is an example of original (38.5" x 36" poster size) and here it is on the website page. 

If it's a simple fix and anyone can explain this to me in simple English (not technical talk) it would be much appreciated. Or, maybe even help me in phrasing a proper question to the geek squad at Ning help center to have it looked into.


full size original:  GMM%20Season%2011%20-%20-%20MB%20Intros.jpg

forum discussion page with image scaled to frame: 

how image looks "full size" on Ning upload, still shrunk down: 

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  • Well, even the FULL SIZE 38.5" x 36" poster that I attache was scaled down, so now that doesn't even work.

  • Hi there!

    The same question has been mentioned in this discussion on the second page.

    According to the information that I have been able to gather from developers, it's not a bug or malfunction of the system but the feature that has been implemented in order to save some space and increase the loading speed and performance of the networks based on Ning.

    We do apologise for any inconveniences caused.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

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    • Yeah, well please pass along to the programmers in charge of such decisions that this new "feature" totally SUCKS! If we wanted smaller, low resolution pics on the site we would upload them that way. Not being able to expand back to full size is very limiting on quality and detail, especially on items such as a map.
      • Hi Kevin,

        Thanks for your feedback, your opinion is very important for us as it's helping us to make our platform better.

        The report to the management that I have filed yesterday has been updated with your recent message.


        Ning Team.

This reply was deleted.

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