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We've tried to contact support regarding this and all they've done is copy and paste the CSS tutorial for beginners.

Our 'Side Image' keeps getting squashed and oriented to the left side even though the image is the proper size to fit the whole screen.

Our animated top bar and header have stopped working even though I've made no changes to the code in over a year.

In fact, the only animated gif that's still working is this one:No joke!  HELP US RESTORE OUR ABILITY TO UPLOAD ANIMATED GIFS and our side image upload.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?   And if so, do you have any fix-it tips?   Thank You kindly,

Comedy Whirled.

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  • In fact, we can't upload any new animated gifs apparently.

  • Gifs have apparently been deactivated across the board, except for a couple.  Strange.  Help.


  • NC for Hire

    I just spent the past hour helping Ian troubleshoot this issue. The Ning platform is definitely breaking gif images, when uploaded via Ning. This is true on Ning 2.0 and Ning 3.0.

  • Don't let our temporary fix fool you regarding the background (side) image.  NING is still not properly uploading full size pictures.

    • Hi there,

      Sorry for the inconveniences. As I see the issue with the gif animated pictures has been already reported, and passed to the tech team after the verification from QA. Also, your network has been included in the report already.

      About the background image, as we can see you have uploaded it to the border, the size of your image is 1280*2048, the Side Image is always oriented to the left side of the screen as it's the side of the screen. We have made several corrections in your CSS code please check whether you wish to see something like this.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • The image we've had in the 'side image' has been working fine, filling up the whole screen for years up until last week.  The image is here:3239519?profile=RESIZE_1024x10241944 × 3240 pixels  Every time we try to upload it it reverts back to 1400 x 1200 now. 

        • Hi Ian,

          In that case please sent the image to our email address so we could try to upload it from our side and see what's wrong.

          Also, I wouldn't recommend uploading the background image into the "side image" as if will look like it should only for the people with the width of screen 1944px, smaller or bigger resolution will make it look strange as the centre of the screen will be not in the centre of the image.

          Also please don't forget to mentione my name in the email with the file that you would send, so the email would be passed to me.


          Ning Team.

          • Thanks for working on this.  Whatever you guys did to fix the Gifs today, I hope it stays like this!  They now animate regardless of their size, location or thumbnail, and it's a nice upgrade.

          • For some reason, our 'Wolf Blitzer' gif hasn't re-animated yet. Here's the page where it exists:

            And here's the original working gif file:

            3239478?profile=originalArmed with this info you should be able to further target the bug!

            Jim Carrey Minnie Driver
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