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Generally, my Ning site seems to do pretty well in Google serach ranking. But for some reason photos added on the gallery fare a lot less well on image search. Anyone know why?

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  • Usually, google Searches look for the direct link to the image in order for it to show up on image searches. If the link isn't directly viewable from the extension end point, it may not be included at all.

  • NC for Hire

    Think about it this way.  Every ning site comes out of the box with basically the same language.  Photo, Videos Groups, Discussions... those page names are the same across the board.... until you change them in the Language editor...

    If your network is about widgets... you need page titles like Photos of Widgets, Widget Videos, Groups Who Widget, Widget Discussions..

    i have quite a few tips about this in my archive...hope this helps


  • Thanks for the tips guys.

    Amber, could you clarify to a non-techie what your reply means in terms of what I'd need to do to address it?

    JFarrow, I think I understand what action you're suggesting, but the non-image pages which are built under the same logic seem to perform in search regardless. Any idea of why that might be?

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