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I'm a Ning 2.0 owner from way back, I closed my site in 2015 becaause of Facebook. I truly loved how eveything was so configurable, even member individual page, SO MISS that. However I digress.

I hightly recommoned that Ning goes back to the number of visible posts on a page again, up to 20 or so, and selectable in the "Sites & Pages" portion of the design studio.

On active sites like mine, a LOT of posting is done in a very short time, members (and I) hate clicking through pages instead of scrolling. 

Thank you!

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  • I had an "Infinite Scroll" app for all List pages - Photos, Discussions, Blogs - where the list elements automatically got added to the end of the list when you scrolled to near the end of the currently loaded list.  I think it was for Ning 2 only.  I don't think I ever ported it to Ning 3.  But I'll check my records when I can.  It was pretty cool to never have to click to get more items in the list.:)


    • Thats awesome! I hope you can make it work!  4460217193?profile=RESIZE_180x180

      • Check it out and see if thats what you want

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        • Yessir! That is IT! How do I get it? Code? I'd like to be able to try both of them (yours and TJ's). 


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