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Profile members on MY Page

I was wondering if anyone had a way to redesign the friends section on your MY page.

These icons look so big, clunky, and take up space. They should be smaller and the name should probably come as you hover over the icon or be below.

Any suggestions??

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  • Yes that can be done, will take a look for you this evening when i get home from work.
    John :-)
    • Did you find a solution? I don't know why Ning just didn't give us this feature in the control panel.

      • Sorry for the delay been a bit of a hectic week at work, will get onto it for you asap.

        John :-)

        Yes it would have been nice to have it in the control panel or the same option we have for member avatar sizes when you use the add content option. As when you use that you can set the sizes for them as shown in the image below.

  • I cant believe no one has this issue but me and have not solved this.

  • You can adjust the avatar sizes with this, just change the width to the size required.

    .section-member-friends .avatar-90{ width:60px }

    You mentioned before about not showing the names unless hovered over, to be honest I would not bother as members generally want to see who is who without having to hover over the avatar, also hover does not work on mobile devices and lastly it could be a little hard to get the grid right as each members name can be different in size and also the other information that may be entered like the place they are from.

    • Thank you 

      Right now I have a big space between each item. Following that same logic, the container that each one should be coded to{ height:60px }

      Am I correct?

      And thanks again

      • As matrix items are shared with other parts of the network if you add that then this would affect the height of other matrix items on your site so you need to target just that part like this so it will not affect other matrix items

        .section-member-friends .media-frame.matrix-item{ height:60px; overflow:hidden }

        John :-)

  • You could also try this which I have on my site just now for testing. This will adjust the avatar sizes and also when you click on all friends it will adjust them there also and change the grid for them. As you have you frends in a small column they just site one under the other but if you decided to place them in a wider column this will adjust them for the grid as well.

    .section-member-friends .avatar-90, .membersListPage-user .avatar-90{ width:60px }
    .section-member-friends .media-frame.matrix-item{ height:60px; overflow:hidden }

    @media only screen and (min-width:769px){
    .membersListPage .matrix-itemFluid{ width:25%!important }

    @media only screen and (min-width:969px){
    .section-member-friends .matrix-itemFluid{ display:inline-block }
    .section-member-friends .membersListPage-user{ width:33.3333%; }

    • Thanks so much for this help things look sooooo much better now.

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