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Once you're figured out if an online community is right for your business, the easy part is done. You've set up your community and now it's time to move on to growing it.

There are many ways to grow your online community. First off, let's talk about engaging with your community members; this is critical to your community, especially if it is about your product or service. The more you engage your users, the more they will engage you and ultimately grow the community as a whole. After all, if you don't engage your users, what's little point in creating a community for them?

Here is another tip for engaging and growing your community.

Simply copy and paste the following code into custom code (End of Page Code)

If you are already using google custom search bar then you got to adjust this CSS code  right:120px; Just change 120px to 430px or suit to your preference.

If you are looking for more than this tip or want to hire me for any kind of Ning custom job or ning re-designing jobs, you can directly contact me @

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<!-- Ning3.0 Login reminder BY>
<script type="text/javascript">
if (!ning.CurrentProfile) {
var LogInDiv = document.createElement("div");
var BL_LogIn = '<div><img src="*9L3NTJh-Bsr-aSmqmGo8eAyRmoHkAdrmqCu2GAtPW36hd-ktfTx7WnV6QeBzUUnyhzkt9txizia/reminderlogin.gif"/></div>';"CustomLogIn";
LogInDiv.innerHTML = BL_LogIn;
#CustomLogIn {
<!-- Ning3.0 Longin reminder BY>



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  • "for your business"...



    Would someone really rely on ning for a business related site when there are other, better options out there? My site is about a hobby and I'll be damned if I would put something serious and important on a ning platform!

    • Yes Ben, i think you'd find many businesses use the Ning platform.

      • I know they do, I have seen a lot of ning sites. They can use it all they want to but I wouldnt rely on ning, with all of its current problems, for important activities.

        • I totally rely. My community is not a "business", but it is serious and I feel safer on Ning than in any other alternative. Beware the hype of certain people on this forum about the problems faced by Ning; they exist, but are not preventing anyone from doing extraordinary things.

          • I am speaking from my own experience with ning. The 2.0 version was good but 3.0 is riddled with flaws. Randomly members are not able to access their own profile page. The activity feed is near useless. Search engine results going to broken and outdated links.

        • thank you Ben, I respect your opinion.

          • Sometimes I wonder if some of the people on here work for the other companies, because they take a positive tip and start bashing. If it's about a tip that does not work, then I could understand.

            • I think we're all working for Mode at this point.   ;D

            • @Ceddy

              I agree. Bernard went to a lot of time and trouble to write this tip, and he offered it here for free. A simple thank you is all that is needed. But no thread is complete on here these days without at least one negative comment.  

              If I could use this tip, I would, but my 3.0 is just a sandbox now.  When it gets up and running, I will be here. Bernard writes amazing tips, even if they're sometimes over my head. :) 

This reply was deleted.

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