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  • I am with you Joseph. I just noticed yesterday that when I am posting on my mobile that there isn't a text editor. So hopefully someone has some ideas on this. :-)

  • Hi Joseph and Jennifer,

    Thanks for your suggestion to extend the editing options for the mobile version of the networks.

    I have updated existing report with your comments and I hope management would consider changing this functionality.

    Thanks again.

    Ning Team.

    • I have tried numerous text editors to no avail..without the ability for my members to upload photos on their comment pages this will probably be the final month of the network..its just not mobile friendly like we need..and for the price it should be..a floating upload button on every page would be perfect..or a full functional text editor that shows up on mobile
      • Hi Joseph,

        Thanks for your feedback, as I have mentioned in the previous comment your request to rework the comment field has been passed to the management and I hope they would make the right decision.

        Regarding the add content button on all pages, like was mentioned in another post, we have been thinking about such button, but most creators who have taken part in that discussion mentioned that adding content from the activity feed would be the better way to achieve the goal. So such task has been included in the current sprint and our tech team would be working on it in the near future.

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

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