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  • What features are effected?

    • From the users:

      I can't add a screenshot because the editor is having problems. Just a white box without functionality and an "add reply" button underneath.

      Mac Pro, 2010, OS10.8.5, Firefox 48.0.2

      the editor was available and fully functional, and now as I'm writing this (second) post of the day, the editor disappeared again and looks as described above

      HP laptop under windows 10 and Firefox Browser, although the problem is the same with Microsoft Edge also


      Still waiting to hear from other users specifically what problems they are facing. I myself can no longer see the "color" button for Fonts, and my menu bar has split into two, where before it was one.

      • Hi Gavin, 

        I have tested your network and as I see the editor is loading properly, I have opened 10 random different posts where the editor should appear and I was loaded properly since it's the first time I have visited your network I'm sure that the cache hasn't spoiled the test. Such issues with loading could be provoked by the internet connection also some browser extensions could provoke issues with loading, the javascript could be disabled in the browser. In such cases, as usual, we are recommending to update the browser and clear cache of the browser in order to reload the scripts once again.

        Still waiting to hear from other users specifically what problems they are facing. I myself can no longer see the "color" button for Fonts, and my menu bar has split into two, where before it was one.

        The new text editor simply doesn't have the option you have mentioned. By the way, there always were two lines of the options, the first one simply had a different look.

        Please let me know if you have any other questions.

        Best regards,

        Ning team.

        • Hi Kyryl,

          Thanks for your efforts. Can you tell me what you mean by "the new text editor"?



          • Hi there!

            Back at the end of 2017, the text editor has been changed on both platforms. Under text editor I mean the number of tools you may see on your site when you are entering any text, in the reply section, when you are creating the new post or using private messages, basically it's applied to any text filed that could be modified by you. as you may see it looks different (I'm talking about visual mode right now), and the options to change colors or pick the font-family are no longer presented in the new text editor.

            I hope that has clarified a bit what I have meant by "the new text editor", but if you still have any question do hesitate to ask them :-).

            Best regards,

            Ning Team.


            • Thanks again Kyryl,

              Is there any possibility of going back to the old editor? I realize that you experimented on our site and didn't see any problems, but this is not what my users are reporting.




              • Hey, you can switch back to the old text editior. You can find that option in Features.

                • Hi Empress,

                  Thanks for this post. I went to features and don't see how to do this, can you help?



                  • Sure ! After going to Features, go to the section that says text editor. There you have the option as to which text editor you want as your default. Uncheck the "Default to WYSIWYG view" then save it. That should set it back to the old one.

                    • Hi there!
                      Unfortunately, there is no way to revert the changes. Unticking the option "Allow members to use WYSIWYG view" will not bring the old editor back, but in fact, just disable the visual mode in the Text Editor and only HTML mode will be available. In my opinion, it is better to switch to Default to HTML view, so all Text boxes will be opened in the HTML view in the first place, but Visual mode will be still available for those who want to use it.
                      Best regards,
                      The NING Team

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