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  • Hi there,

    I did, and I received my secret gift and I am very happy that Ning took this step. It has helped me make the decision to migrate to a 3.0

    I have not wanted to migrate for several reasons... I would contact Ning via your support tickets to "claim" your Secret gift!

    Thanks, Suzie

    • Thank you for letting me know Suzie.  I will put in a trouble ticket for I still have not heard from them.

  • I put in a trouble ticket, and I got an auto message it was forwared.  Never got an answer.   I sent an email to and never got a responce.  Is there another way to contact Ning?

  • I sent another email to support and finnaly got a responce.  I am very intrested in the reward.

    •  Did you fil out the questionnaire? I am disappointed with communication on NIngs part- after all they sent the offer to you! geeze... Well I can tell you I am in the process of the merge-nothing good to say-- yet!LOL! I am hopeful!!

      • I sent another email to tech support and finnally got a reply from Alex. I do not think he is tech support.  Possibly sales, or maybe the one that addresses all ning 2 to ning 3 migrations.   Alex, and I have been coresponding back and forth about migrating to Ning 3.  There are a few concerns, but hopefully we can iron them out before the big move.  I am hoping after the move that tech support will get better.  I feel being on Ning 2 we are just step children.


        • Hello Cindy!

          You are right, Alex is a past support representative, and now he is in charge of the migrations. Please accept our apologies for the delays in communication, he is the only one replying, so in the moments of high demand, his answers may not be as quick as we would want. 

          We have already relieved him from some of the other tasks so that he can dedicate more time to migrations. I hope you will notice the improvements once he is back from his vacation on August 3rd, and meanwhile, Vlad will substitute him and take care of ongoing migrations. 

          Best regards,

          The NING Team

          • Oh Alex has been perfect!  I usually hear back from him with 24 hours.  It is techsupport that is lacking.  Most times my ticket just sit there and never get addressed.  I think it is becuase I am on Ning 2.  I have my fingers crossed this will change when I get to Ning 3.

            Oh no!  Alex went on vacation.  Thank you for letting me know.  I will postpone my migration till he gets back.  He is going to address some migration issues on my Ning 2 platform.


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