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I deleted a group that had 186 pictures posted in comments and they take up about 0.4 gig of space. However, when I deleted the group, my network disk usage did not go down. I found out that all the pictures of the group are still on the web server.

I bought this problem to Ning's attention and their response:

"Since Disk Usage looks directly into storage, and these files were not deleted from it, they are not deleted from Disk Usage either. That why deleting the group doesn`t affect the storage holdings. In order to clear space on the network, you should to independently delete all unnecessary files."

I told them that was ludicrous.  How can I find files in a list of 1000s when I have no way to search the "Files List".

Their response:

" ... it is a feature of the platform. Unfortunately, it cannot be changed on our end."

Per Ning's suggestion, I painstakingly went through the "Files List", one-by-one, to find a picture file that was pre-maturely posted in a comment. I deleted the comment but the picture file was still on the web server.  I finally found the file in the "Files List".  It took forever for I have no way of searching within the "Files List".  I deleted the file in the "Files List" and it is no longer listed in the "Files List", but is still on the server and can be viewed.  It is also considered in my "Data Usage".

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            • NC for Hire

              No problem. As you may have gathered I was replying to Rosas comment. The work you are doing should win a prize for investigative journalism. :-) You have uncovered something few people may even realize.

              • NC for Hire

                Garfield Archivist 

                no problem, dear friend I wanted to play down the solution exists on everything
              • I agree, I do not think many creators know about this costly glitch.  I am hoping if enough are informed about it, they will approach Ning to fix the system.


              • Oh, and thank you.  It is just a matter of a tight buget.  I not mind paying for what I use, but am a bit fustrated that I have to pay for what I am not using.


          • NC for Hire

            Garfield Archivist Cindy Dean Mccoy 

            I found duplicate files and deleted them, the only solution is to buy some disk space
          • NC for Hire

            Garfield Archivist 

            no one said what you are saying dear friend, we are all illiterate here, the teachers get paid and steal and this will be reported! no of the masters another song for you!
  • NC for Hire

    8310121264?profile=RESIZE_584xGarfield Archivist Cindy Dean Mccoy 

    a small example these files I have on disk, but they have been deleted from the site, so you have to check the files if you don't want to buy more space for your site
  • NC for Hire

    8310168068?profile=RESIZE_584xGarfield Archivist Cindy Dean Mccoy 

    and as you can see here I have duplicates
    • I wish this would work for me, but I have no idea what the file names are.  I deleted a group and all the picture files of that group are still on the web server.  Even if I knew the name of the files, I do not have time to scroll down 1000s and 1000s of files to find 100s I need to delete.


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