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What Am I Missing In Adding A Footer

Okay, I've been sick for quite a while and haven't been active as I used to be but I'm drawing blank and maybe someone can slap me upside the head and answer this question:

I went to go add a footer to a 3.0 but I can't access the "Above Footer HTML Box"?  Yes, I'm logged in as Creator.  Yes, I've searched here @ Creators.  It's probably something super simple but I feel like a complete boob.  *lol*  Help!


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  • You should be able to just click on the white box and the html box should open

    • Haha!  You'd think so but no, it doesn't open.  Maybe I need a ticket?  Can you open yours?

      • On main page- I just tried both above and below-- both opened! Maybe someone fixed it!!


        • They won't open for me.  I did a hard refresh (under your password) and still nothing.  This site hates me!  lol

      • Both mine are working

  • Okay, it finally ocurred to me that it may be a Firefox issue so I switched to Chrome and low and behold, the box opens.  How ridiculous it doesn't function on ALL browsers.  smh

    • I use firefox and they open ok, firefox does have a Enhanced Tracking Protection which can sometimes stop things from working on websites so I turn mine off, you can do so just by clicking on the little shield symbol by the padlock, try that as it may help.


  • I do not agree! all browsers must work and must solve it immediately .. Ning as a serious company must solve must not tell me what to use Ning

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