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Why Two Different Activity Feeds?

I'm sure there's a rational explanation but my brain has difficulty defining it some times.  The first is my home page Activity Feed and the second is my chat page; typically closed to the public and only visible to members.

Why do they display differently???  I want them all like the second one and the cause is driving me insane.

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  • Kos just changed that for you, the one on the home page was set to show titles only not detail. So just changed it to detail.

    kosactivity.jpgJohn :-)

    • omfg how stupid can I be?  *lol*  Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.  Thanks John

      • You are most welcome Kos, it happens to us all so don't worry about it as it's easily overlooked.

        Hey good to see you posting as was thinking about you today as I heard the news about the tornado's over there. Hope you are safe and sound in your area.


        • Lots of wind here but the tornadoes all went East of Dallas.  Only had five minutes of rain.  Have to say we live in a great area when it comes to weather.  We're very fortunate.  Have been battling pneumonia.  Wish that would disappear.  Yuck

          • That's good to hear about the weather but not so good to hear you are poorly. I do hope you get better quickly as pneumonia is not nice.

            xx :-)

            • Yeah, breathing is a real problem right now.  Probably impeding my ability to think clearly more than normal.

              Hey, speaking of which, why are my photos displaying distorted like this in activity feed when I paste a link?  Again, my brain just isn't working too well here.


              • It's because that embed object had a set height, I added this css which seemed to cure the issue for it

                /* FIX EMBED OBJECT HEIGHT */
                .activityFeed-embedContent img{ height:auto!important }

                kosembedImg.jpgKeep and eye on it and let me know if it changes again.

                John :-)

                • You rock.  Thank you.  Nap time is calling my name.  Can't stay awake more than four hours anymore. This crap sux!

This reply was deleted.

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