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If you have a dedicated Facebook page for your Ning network or for any other reason, you may be missing out on an opportunity to bring more signups to your community.  

Facebook Trick

First Go to your Facebook Page and click on the Photos Tab

Second, (especially if a lot of people have submitted photos to your page) go down the list to see which photos have likes and comments. Anytime you see a photo with likes, someone may have liked your photo but have not liked the page.

Third, click on the number that indicates the number of likes and it will open up to show you who has not liked the page yet. Simply click "Invite" and they will be sent an invite to like your page.

A dedicated page for my Ning community serves as a satillite place for others in your niche to discover you.  A page dedicated to a network i built 10 years ago just crossed the 34.000 followers mark and this method had a lot to do with it, so I thought I would share.  Hope it helps you grow your audience.  Let Me know if you have questions or need help with any aspect of your community.  

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  • Great tip!

  • How awesome is this.  Thank you JF!!!!

    • NC for Hire

      my pleasure dear Kos... glad you found it useful..

      • What annoys me is they gave us a Facebook "like" button but not a "share" button - which I much prefer.   Do you have a method to replace that???

        • In 3.0 that is

          • NC for Hire

            have you already gone this route?

            • I did when 3.0 was first released but I got a 'like' app instead of 'share'.  Maybe I screwed up (very possible).  I'll go over it again.  Thanks!

              • Ohhhhh that's why.  It's all changed on FB since Ning posted that link.  It's completely different and I got lost.  Not very good with reading developers stuff anymore.  Maybe that was 'why'.  I remember telling Ning but o/c it's not high on their list of things to update.  I guess I'll just have to wait.

  • NC for Hire

    About to cross 50k followers on my page... this is still one of the most underused tips for facebook

This reply was deleted.

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