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NC for Hire
110+ Useful Ning Tips and Tricks for 2.0 and 3.0

The best part about running a community on the Ning platform is the endless possibilities for changing and tweaking just about ever aspect of the platform.  This is what has always kept me interested.  This is what is exciting about cultivating a community. You can always make the platform adapt more and more to the culture of your members.  This is what your member expect, after all.  They want to see something new everytime they log in.  It is up to you to provide that.

Tips left for other Ning Creators get buried with time, so I developed a method to resurface those good ones for another round of help. A while back I showed you over 200 Ning tips that I had scraped out of my own profile discussions dating back to 2007.  There was quite a bit of garbage in there so  I have gone through those and picked out around 110 tips which are still relevant and have compiled them into a collection for you.  You can simply learn something new every day from these tips alone.  So, if you think you have done all you can do to make your network the best it can be, i am here to show you that you still have much to do.  Here is the PDF of the link collection for download as well. 


If you need help with some aspect of your Ning community or would simply like to redesign or build your network, reach out to me and let's discuss it.  It may be much simpler than you think.   I also have a form that you can fill out for private help here.  Good luck and by all means, be creative!

Ning tips collection

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  • NC for Hire
    Agreed Jamie... did you set your 3.0 up yet?
  • NC for Hire
    Thanks Jamie for your comments. The posts themselves took years. The assembly of this collect took around 30 minutes honestly. I used the tool inside this post to achieve it..

    I too hope it gets back to the way it was..thank you brother
  • What a legend! Thanks Justin. I'm not using Ning these days but check back here a lot to follow the potential revival under new ownership. I hope to return soon once 3.0 development gets going again.

    I remember when creators was blessed with posts like this all the time, be great to see a return to the good old days. Nowhere else have I ever witnessed such a fantastic community of people that are genuinely looking to help others, I can't imagine how many hours all this took you! Be proud sir :-)
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