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Making the Ning Blog awesome

If you read the Ning Blog regularly, you'll know my name — I write a lot of the posts, along with Nick (he does most of the product updates). We're constantly working on making the Ning Blog full of interesting, fun and relevant content, but I know we can always do more. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on what types of blog posts you like seeing... highlights of awesome Ning Networks (besides your own)? Tips and advice, like how to create a custom gift? Interviews with other Ning Network Creators? If there are things you'd like to see more of, please let me know!

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  • NC for Hire

    i think there should be a features section for networks which are making a real world impact on industries. 

  • Hi laura if you could cover big networks and share their monetization strategies or how did they promote their network .... i guess this would be of interest to many !
  • NC for Hire
    Wonder what kind of look any of us would have given someone, 3 years ago, if they said, "you probably know me from Twitter!" Just think, if you have young children now, they will never know what the World was like "pre-Twitter"!

  • Hi Laura you probably know me from twitter :) @LeonardoFarias, I think that the most interesting thing that the blog could do is to show how people were able to do different things with their networks (Tutorials if you will) or show the different uses for ning networks. I feel sometimes, that the networks that are shown on blog.ning do not show the full potential, and sometimes hurts the image of ning more than it helps. Just my 2 cents :)

    Keep up the great job!
  • NC for Hire
    Hi Laura,
    I think the Ning Blog is very interesting, and looks great, now. The only thing I could think of: it may be interesting to have a "Most Unique Ning Network" section. That could really be fun!
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