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I've finally hit over 1000 members *does a little dance*!
Im so happy and excited! Im actually on 1162 to be exact :D So chuffed I needed to brag ;)
Im starting to branch out now too...I've found a company that makes really affordable websites so Im getting a new directory made...I have a directory section already on my website where I sell add space for business's .... I make some okay money from all depends how much effort I put into it..for night of emailing and I made R1000! So cool!
So I am now going to make an independent directory with awesome features for my clients and connect it to my NING network as well and a new online shop that I'll link things are finally starting to grow and Im slowly starting to actually earn an income from my site :)
Happy days!
And on a last note of my gushing excitement......Im soooooo excited for the new premium options too!! I'm going to get to save some money (I was already a premium member) AND get more features!
Im counting the days to the swap over!
Just in case you want to have a little look see at my NING baby, its Mommalicious Mammas :)
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  • Congrats my dear. I am 1000+ members too... and i can imagine how you feel... Keep up the good work.
  • Congrats! More power
  • @Johanna - I just plug away on Twitter...links, sayings, anything that promotes The Society of Bearded Gentlemen.. :D I push the number of visitors I get, the number of countries they are coming from, and any members who are winners in beard competitions :D
  • Sooooo I hit 1000 members in July and now one month later Im already on 1576 members..crazy stuff :D
  • Sooooo I hit 1000 members in July and now one month later Im already on 1576 members..crazy stuff :D
  • Congrats! @Gary W Norman any great ideas on how to grow the followers on twitter so I can promote the site better there?
  • Congrats to you all, I wish I know how to increase my members. Any guidelines
  • Congrats from The Society as well! I reached 1000 recently too thanks to my efforts of promoting my site on Twitter, MySpace, and FaceBook. My fan page on FB is booming as My site has been online for about 1 1/2 yrs now :D Keep plugging away and look forward to 2000!
  • congrats dear.. well done... and best wiishes
  • hola
    necesito su numero de movil de la compañia ning soy dominicano
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