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2.0-- video question

Hi there,

Is anyone else seeing a big empty area above videos embedded in discussions?

(youtube and others)

It looks terrible!!

Do you think it is my browser or a Ning thing? 

Please help

Thanks a bunch, Suzie

PS- You can see the example at the bottom of this page

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  • Just tried a hard refresh... let's see if that holds...

  • Hi there Suzie. I am on 3.0 and I have no videos in my groups as my site has not been released but ning is having some bugs at the moment, I have reported a few bugs one of them being only some of the like buttons are showing and if you try to add discussion it won't show up in your activity feed and those are the bugs I reported so maybe ning is having bugs on their server to on your side. :/ 

  • Hi Suzie,

    I cannot see any empty spaces above embedded videos. You can check the screenshot here

    I do suppose there is an issue with your browser or maybe one of its extensions if you use some of course. I suggest you try another browser or update the current one to teh latest version, also you may try to disable the extensions you have, for the test purposes.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.


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    • Thank You Kyryl,


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      • You are always welcome :-)

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