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Dramatized audio Bible, the King James version. All 66 books, Old Testament and new Testament.

Updated 10/06/17  v3.4

Be sure to thank "tmantz625" on his YouTube chanel for the videos.

I wrote this app for any network not just Ning networks...

click here to see it live on CRF

All pages N2 & N3   The script goes in your NC Custom Code box - N3 End of Page Code box and the button goes in any "text box" or "html box" on an individual page..

<!-- start GEOCOMs Audio Bible v3.4 -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

<!-- Audio Bible button -->
<button id="hide_ab" value="" type="geocom" style="display:block;"></button>

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  • Thanks George I will give this a try when I get home. I have already seen this on CRF, and I love it.
    • Marshall, Jim mentioned you wanted this app last year, I thought he had already given it to you. LOL :)

      • We played around with the app a little bit but we wasn't getting work right. This app is coming to us at a great time as one of my admin's are creating a group called cover to cover to challenge our members to read the Bible in 2015. Thank you very much George for the codes for the app. It is my hope that this app will be a blessing to everyone that uses it. This is a wonderful Christmas gift for the world. We have the app up and running now and it's working perfectly. Thanks again George for all the work that you do for the Lord God bless you.
        • What app were you trying to use before I put up this tip\gift?

          • I took a look at this code before but I cannot figure out how to get it work right is what I meant. It was back when Jim first ask you about it for me. It seems last time when I tried to add it I was missing the button code.
            • Oh ok LOL :) Yes marshall it won't work without the button for individual pages ;) I'm glad it helped having the instructions..

              And God bless you.

  • George, I have been so blessed by this app. What amazed me and it shouldn't have, is that when I first asked you how possible it was to add this, after I gave you the list of books in order, you had the basics of this done in a afternoon. I thought this would take a few days. Then with the way it works, is awesome. It is a app that I listen to most everyday. I tip my hat off to you my friend.

    Many blessings.

  • George, I was just on the phone with Marshall and he is so pleased with this app. He wanted to make sure you know how grateful he was and the timing was perfect for a project he and one of his admins is working on.


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