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Well this has taken longer than expected due to the issues with Ning lately but well I perservered to try and get this mostly done.

So here is what can be done in the profiles

  • New members signing up will not see these options until they have signed up then they can change the settings in thier profile page.
  • Members visiting other members pages can see what that members has chosen unless thier profile is private. They will not see the update links and demo previews on other members profiles only the member will see that on thier own profile page. This goes for and non members visiting as well.
  • Members can choose a theme from the available theme list
  • Members can try out other themes using the preview demo method and can move around their profile page in those demo themes
  • A blog page has been added which is where the pictures of the themes come from and members can visit that page if they want to read more or see bigger pictures of the themes.
  • Members can choose a width for their profile page from the various options. For example if you have a site set a full width ie the whole screen then some people find this to big if they have bigger monitors for instance so they can choose a smaller width for their page for more comfertable viewing.
  • And finally Members can select a size for their profile cover image, for now this is for the height of the box only but will update with more options later on.

The next stage will be for members to choose their column layouts and a few more options like changing backgrounds etc if they don't want to use a particular theme.

As ever I will share all the code and how to set it all up in due course once I've tidied up the code and will split it into parts so you can choose to have all the options or just bits of it like just the themes part etc.



5566872657?profile=RESIZE_710x5566881277?profile=RESIZE_710x5566887480?profile=RESIZE_710xNEW ADDITION   16/06/2020

Now in this page it will now have it's own seperate section so it won't be mixed in with the profile questions section.


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  • Just added another update so the member can choose to display the settings or not for other members. If a member has set their whole profile to private then the settings will not show anyway.

    Here is how it would look if visiting a profile and the member has set it to private



    Below is the default setting of Yes to show the settings and some info about the options


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    • Yes but I will post it all once I have finished testing and tidy up the code for sharing and how to set it all up

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        • Hi Tavolo, you can email theme over if you like and will take a look to see if they can fit in with mine. :-)


  • NC for Hire

    whoa.. major update.. looking way awesome Bizz!

    • Thanks Justin. I took all the code out to reset the site to clean it up so it was a standard site but it is all back on now so if you want to try it out you can now do so.  :-)

      Got to make a few changes to some of the themes main nav menu as going through some of the Ning themes In the design studio that others might have chosen for their sites that the nav may not show up to well so got to set some colours for it. Other than that it seems to be working well.


  • I am hopping to have the code ready for posting by the weekend, just a few adjustments to make.

  • More work on the Profile Themes. New addition for the edit profile page. A new tab has been added so the profile settings are now in thier own section rather than mixed in with the profile questions. Here are a couple of images to demo it.


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    • Thankyou Tavolo, it's started to come together and hope to have a first release try out later this week. Still lot's more to add though including continuing the chosen theme accross the whole site not just in profiles.

  • NC for Hire

    we all really need, it my friend ... you're the only one you can help us all ... can we have the codes?

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