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This tip is to show how you can the boring old gray options drop down list into something with a little more colour. You can change the setting to fit your site in the code.


.optionsDropdown-list background color: this is the colour for the list itself

.optionsDropdown a background color: this is for each of the links

.optionsDropdown-button background color: this is for the options button

color: this is the text colour

Here is an example

First we need just to add a small bit of custom code for the events page, this code goes in your site&pages custom code

// Add Class to events detail page

Next is all the css for the colour changes, this goes in your design studio custom css

/* Profile Settings for the options drop down box and list And Events detail page drop down list */
.profileCoverArea-actions .optionsDropdown-button, .eventDetail .content-actions .optionsDropdown-button {
 background-color: #d1e0f8;
.profileCoverArea-actions .optionsDropdown a, .eventDetail .content-actions .optionsDropdown a{
 padding: 6px 8px;border-radius:4px; color:black;
.profileCoverArea-actions .optionsDropdown a:hover, .eventDetail .content-actions .optionsDropdown a:hover{
 text-decoration:none; background-color:royalblue; color:white;
.profileCoverArea-actions, .eventDetail{
 background-color:darkblue;color:white; border-radius:4px;
.profileCoverArea-actions .optionsDropdown-list, .eventDetail .content-actions .optionsDropdown-list{
 background-color:#c9d3f2; border-radius:4px; box-shadow: 0px 8px 7px darkgray;

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