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NC for Hire

While sharing some items on Land Surveyors United earlier I started to think about the search engine optimization of my outgoing tweets on shared items from the network. 


The first 27 characters of a tweet are supposed to be the most heavily indexed by search engines, so the default "Checking out....(item)" for every outgoing share virtually does nothing for your network.


Go into language editor and search for "Checking Out" and you'll get 3 results...change the portion that says "Checking out..." to something more along the lines of your network's primary keywords.  For example I changed mine to "Surveyors should check out.." ad shown below.  Important to remember to leave all of the trailing %2 and otherwise after the Checking out portion of that text.



If you are interested in discussing my experiments with Ning or are in need of some help with your own network, connect with me from my profile on creators and don't be shy.

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  • NC for Hire



    Thank you for all the wonderful tips you've provided. You definitely put a lot of thought into improving your network and letting others know how they can do the same.

    • NC for Hire

      thank you Garfield...i certainly do....

      creating something which has never been takes dedication!  as you know..

  • Great tip! Thx.

  • Our tip and one we have used posted somewhere here on creators previously. If your network has a twitter address, instead of "Land Surveyors United", consider using "@YOURTWITTERNAME" instead..


    By tweeting "to" surveyors asking them to check out the content you may be limiting your audience. Off topic content may be shared and appeal to a general audience. Examples:


    Vintage/Pin-Up style wedding dress on @PinupLifestyle:


    Cheap corsets & plastic boning- Any fix for plastic boning? on @PinupLifestyle:


    We benefit heavily from google indexing a variety of topics on the network. Adding a twitter addy in there makes sure the people we are tweeting at have a way to connect with us thats in their chosen method of social media engagement, twitter.


    my 2 cents!




  • Thanks for the post

  • Had to dig this one out of your closet of goodies b/c Twitter is more important now than ever and it's still relevant as we build our 3.0 platforms.  Thanks JF

    • NC for Hire

      not a problem... glad you're still getting use of it...

      i really need to set aside some time to go back in and update much of my closet, so keep digging for the usefuls and I'll put a 3.0 spin on them.. thanks Kos!

      • NC for Hire
        • Reply using a period. Placing a period in front of the @ sign means that the entire Twitter community can see your tweet. If you just start a tweet with @ only people who follow you and that person will see it.
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