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  • Nothing new same old chat as 2.0

    • You may want to correct your initial post where is says "not" mean "now".

  • I was trying to keep quiet before an official announcement. I enabled it earlier. Not new, but I'm happy I have a fully native chat!

  • Woohoo! now this is great and will make a lot of people very happy indeed. I was just looking at adding comet chat but not anymore. I don't mind if it's the two version as this worked a treat.

    Wait for the big cheere from Kos she is going to be very happy *lol*

    John :-)

    • No shit!  I'm tired of paying each month for a piece of crap out of the middle east that continually breaks down numerous times a day......and they don't have 24/7 customer service.  pos!

  • I'll keep the chat I had custom built for me you can send pics and soon hopefully videochat like Facebook

  • Oh crap.  Just that tiny little thing in the bottom of the page?  What about the ability embed it in a page?  I need the LARGER chat.  Please, please, please enable the ability so it can be added into a Content Box.   Pleeeeeease.

    • That small one is fine for a one-on-one chat but I need the ability to have several members chatting at once.  Just today we blew up with all that was going on with Trump, Syria, Assad, Russia and China.  It was nuts!

      We definitely need it in a content box.  Can't use this tiny thing.  Sorry

      • Okay at least I can disconnect it and get a larger window.  Just annoying since it's not 'embedded'.  I'll take it.  cya CometChat!  Have a nice life!

        • THANK YOU NING!

This reply was deleted.

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