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  • 8133818696?profile=RESIZE_930xTop right corner hit the settings and delete conversations 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • That only clears it from my history.  Everyone else can still see all the chat from when we first starting to use it.  I want to clear chat so that it is gone for everyone. 

      • It clears it for everyone you're the admin of the chat 

        • I assum being admin of the network, I would be admin of the chat.  However, When I delect conversation, it only deletes it for me.  Everyone else can still see all the chat conversation from the beginning.

          • Well maybe they changed the settings because that's how it worked when they first introduced the chat 

            • Yes, when we were on Ning 2, we could delete the chat.  Since we moved to Ning 3 and were forced to use the new chat, we lost that featrue.  8o(


              • Try deleting that chat room and create a new on that seem to be the only way it might work 

                • The Ning plan I have, there is only one chat room and it is not deletable.  I did turn chat off and back on, hoping that would delete the chat.  But it did not.  I think this is just a feature that Ning did not include in the new chat.


                  • Hi Cindy,

                    Indeed, I'm afraid that we do not have an option to clear the chat conversation.
                    I'm really sorry for this inconvenience.

                    I think the only way would be deleting all the members from the conversation. You can do that in the settings. 
                    Then, you'd need to create a new conversation by starting it with anyone. 
                    And, finally, you may add more network members to the conversation.
                    This way you'd create a new chat group with no messages in it.

                    As another solution, it is possible to integrate with almost any 3rd party chat. 
                    So there is an option to use the one you like more. 
                    However, in my opinion, clearing the conversation is an essential feature for chat users.
                    I've already passed this case to our management, we will definitely consider further improvements to the chat functionality. 

                    Thank you for the valuable suggestion and for your understanding!

                    Let me know if any question appears.
                    Kind regards,
                    The Ning Team

                    • Thank you for your reply.

                      My chat must be different for I cannot find a place to delete members from a conversation.  I can ban them.  I also have no way to create a new conversation.  We have the "Main Room" that is always there.  It cannot be deleted and a new room cannot be created.

                      This is a security problem on our end.  Many of our members are of the older generation and some do not understand what personal information they should not share.  With groups, we can delete a post.  However, with chat, we cannot.  If someone post sensitive information, it is there for all to see.

                      I hope you can convince management how serious the lack of this feature is.

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