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¿contact form for my members?

Hello. I wold like to implement the ability for visitors to send a message to a member through a contact form.
My site is showcasing different photographers, and I would like a simple way for people to contact them without showing e-mail adress of the members.

I am basically looking for a simple contact form. It should pull somehow the e-mai of the member and send the message to him

....Would like to know if someone has any suggestions on how it could be developed... I have been thinking a lot but have found no idea.

Thank you!

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  • I too am interested in this as a way for members to send suggestions to our admins. I searched Ning on Suggestions and Suggestion Box, no luck

    • Hi Gavin,

      As far as I have understood Martin is looking for something a bit different. In your case, if you wish members to be able to email admins and NC, we have the solution for this. There are two forms which are available in any network Report an Issue ( as an example the one from creators and Feedback form (also the example from creators, any of them could be used for your purpose, as the message members send by using this forms would appear in the email boxes of your admins and yours as well.

      Text on both forms could be changed in language editor, so if it's necessary to change the manes of the categories in the report an issue form you can do it, but please keep in mind that it won't change the category that would be displayed as I know (so basically that the changes only for users).

      Hope this helps,

      If there are any other questions just let me know.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Thanks, these do indeed seem to be what I am looking for.! I seem to have these forms on my site as well. You mentioned that they may be altered in "Language Editor," but I don't know what that is or how to access it, can you advise? - Thanks again -

        • Hi Gavin,

          Sure, in order to find it you should go to the dashboard and under Settings, you'll see the link to the Language Editor.


          There you'll see lots of the translations that you can use for your network. If you don't wish to translate your network to another language, you should find the active translation and click edit near it. Like it shown in the screenshot, you might see at the top which translation is chosen right now as the default one.


          Basically the language editor allows you to edit any text of the network but first of all, you should find the phrase, you wish to replace, among all the text w have there. The easiest way to do it is just to grab the part of the phrase and search it in language editor. For example, on the Feedback form, you should have the phrase like this "Use this form to send feedback to {Name of teh NC}, the creator of {Name of teh network}.", so as you may see the field with the name of the NC and name of the network are occupied by placeholders which are getting changed depends on the network, so if you wish to change this phrase I would suggest searching by using the part of part of the text "Use this form to send feedback to". So as teh result of the search you'll see the phrase you have been looking for.


          In the right column you can put the text you want to be displayed instead of teh original one. 

          This is how you can change any text of your network, just keep in mind that sometimes the language editor can remove several results and it would be necessary to test several of them before you find the necessary one.

          Please let me know you have some questions, I'll be glad to help :-)

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          • Hi Kyryl, thanks again. Is there a list somewhere of what the Ning Variables are? More specifically, is there a way to direct the form to send to not only me as the creator, but to any Administrator?

            • Hi there!

              Those two forms are sending the emails to NC and every administrator of the network at the same time by the default. So if somebody has sent the message through those forms, it would be received by you and your admins. It's just written there that the message would be received by the networks creator, but as the admins are basically the people who are helping you to run the network so they would receive that email as well. If you wish you can change the text which is written there in order to avoid any confusions for the members.

              Answering your first question, as all the admins do receive those emails by the default, they have the option to unsubscribe from them. To do that it's necessary to open the settings of your email notifications under your profile on the network and untick the box "Feedback and problem reports". (I'm telling this just in case if some of your admins shouldn't receive the reports and feedback from members). This option is available on both platforms by the way :-)

              Hope this helps.

              Best regards,

              Ning Team.

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