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Cookie/ banner/pop up

Hi there,

Am I the only one still confused by this GDPR stuff...

After hours of reading, I am still confused!

If all I have on my site (that I am aware of) is Google Analytics -which does not need a pop up as it is anonymous see info below


Do I use the cookies on my website to process personal data?

The answer to this question will vary depending on the nature and purpose of the cookie. For example, Google Analytics’ terms of service forbid you from tracking personal data. If someone came to you and asked you to provide them with the personal data you have gathered on them from Google Analytics this should not be possible because (unless you’ve done something unusual that breaches Google’s terms of service) the data stored in Google Analytics is anonymous. read more

 So here is my question-

So Do I need a pop up about cookies or NOT? Does anyone know the bottom line here?

Thanks a bunch,


PS- since GDPR is not a law - we must comply with "local" laws which are very vague!!

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  • Well, I finally got my report from Cookiebot and it says I am NOT compliant!! GGGRRRRR... look at all this info...

    The domain has been analyzed by Cookiebot to determine if it is compliant with EU regulations on online tracking.

    Your website is: Not compliant


    Become GDPR compliant now:

    Try for free

    The following requirements in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Directive (ePR) has been tested:


    Prior consent on other than strictly necessary cookies (ePR)


    Prior consent on personal data (GDPR)


    Personal data is transmitted to 'adequate countries' only (GDPR)

    In the attached scan report you can find detailed information about cookies and similar tracking technologies in use on your website.

    Please also make sure to:

    • Inform your visitors in plain language about the purpose of your cookies and trackers before setting other than strictly necessary cookies (ePR)
    • Provide options for the visitor to change or withdraw a consent (GDPR/ePR)
    • Have a mechanism in place to log and prove consents (GDPR)
    • Map and document data streams performed by third parties (GDPR)
    • Configure your consent method to use explicit/active consent when processing sensitive personal data on your website (GDPR)
    • Provide the identity and contact details of the data controller in your company (GDPR)
    • Disclose that the visitor is entitled to access, correct, delete and limit processing of personal data (GDPR)
    • Disclose that the visitor is entitled to receive personal data so that they can be used by another processor (GDPR)
    • Disclose that the visitor has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (GDPR)
    • Inform about the occurrence of automatic decisions, including profiling (GDPR)

    Avoid the risk of heavy fines and make your website compliant today. To perform a complete scan and implement a compliant consent method on your website, create a Cookiebot subscription for theconstitutionalconservatives.....

    Create subscription now

    For more information please see:

    You are also welcome to visit our Cookiebot support area.



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    © 2018 Cybot

    • So now what?

    • Hi there!

      The cookies are used not only by the google analytics. There are some cookies are used for the site work etc. you may find the description of all them here. So if you are using Ning there is no way to get lost of all the cookies as they are used in order to provide the proper work of the site. The solution is to create the cookies pop-up and add the information about the cookies I have provided to the cookies policies which could be located on the separate page that you have created on your network.

      Best regards,

      Ning team.…
This reply was deleted.

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