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              • Hi Mike!

                Yes, the URL would be the same for any network, it;'s only necessary to change the name of the network at the beginning of the URL.

                Nice point about the involvement of designer and coders into the network creation, I would post the suggestion to the management to provide admins with wider possibilities of network transformation, or probably there should be the other role like developer which will have the abilities to edit the tech part pf the network.

                Best regards,

                Ning Team.

                • All you need is an options list of what you allow the admin to see and you set these values for each admin so one admin might have different optins set from another.
                  • Hi John,

                    We already have the suggestion to create a multilevel system for administrator privileges. I have added your comment there so the management would see that it's pretty demanded functionality.

                    Best regards,

                    Ning Team.

          • Hi John,

            Just tested this on my test network, made several screenshots and sent them to the QA team for the further verification.

            I'll get back here with the results as usual.

            Best regards,

            Ning Team.

      • Hi Mike,

        We have contacted developer regarding this issue and it appears that the restrictions for administrators were in the code for several years already. So it seems that recently deployed changes have fixed this malfunction as well, but as you may see from my comment to John it hasn't been done completely, and the issue been reported.

        We do apologise for any misunderstandings.

        Best regards,

        Ning Team.

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