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emails that do not arrive

We have verified that the emails sent by the NING network only reach gmail, hotmail and the large domains. The users of my web with Spanish domains in their mail do not receive anything, the same with domains from other countries.

I repeat, only the emails arrive to the important domains.

When we came to no we sent 36,000 emails to our users to come to any ... only 2,000 came ... we think that the invitations did not arrive.

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  • Hi there!

    Are you sure that none of our IPs are blocked by those email service providers? It's pretty possible that someone there has marked the message sent from Ning in the past as the spam (let's imagine somebody has been sending the invitations like you do and some people have decided that it's spam). And the email provider has blocked the IP address of our emailing server due to spam complaints. Since the messages are received by the gmail and hotmail there should be no issue with the emails itself. We do aware that there are some issues with broadcast messages however they don't depend on the email provider used by the member.

    Our IPs start from 208.82.16 as usual.

    Best regards,

    Ning Team.

    • It's not a spam issue, we've verified it. If so, can not you do anything to remove NING from spam lists?

      • Hi there!

        Since you are sure it's not a spam, could you please provide us with the email addresses of teh members who haven't received the broadcast messages so we could check the case. As far as I have understood they using the services of local emailing providers, not the corporate emails.

        Best wishes,

        Ning team.



          These two emails never receive anything from NING, your user understands these things and assures me that there is no spam at all. That's why we think there may be something wrong with all this.

          • Hi there!

            I do apologize for the late reply, somehow I have missed your message here. The issue has been reported and passed to the developers for the further investigations. If there are any updates I'll let you know.

            Best regards,

            Ning team.

  • My "Message Broadcaster" HAS NEVER WORKED #$$#$ NING knows very well about THIS Problem.I received an e-mail message from NING customer Care about migrating My Network.I sent AN ANGRY return, NOT IN THIS LIFE TIME IF MY MESSAGE BROADCASTER IS'NT FIXED. NING has Great Stuff,BUT, IF it does'nt work WHAT GOOD IS IT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

    • I moved my network with 40,000 people to NING. I made the call to all of them, only 2,000 arrived and that is why they did not receive the emails.

    • Hi there!

      The issue with outgoing emails and notifications in general, is being investigated by our delivery admins at the moment. Unfortunately, we do not have any updates yet, but once we have any news we will inform everyone who reported the issue with email delivery. 

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

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