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Eu Cookies Law

Is it possibile to run a check on the attached table, the only one  I could find regarding the cookies that are used in a Ning based network ? I urgently need to comply with the EU cookies Law, since the web site I created with the Ning platform is among the ones that officially represent the Township where I am employed. I would appreciate if somebody could help me with this in order to compile a correct privacy policy for my network .

"Grazie" very much. 



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  • Hello Ning Team,

    This topic is relevant again as they are starting to enforce the law more.

    • Hi there!

      This website helps to create everything you need in order to correspond to the EU cookies law. The script they are providing allowing you to show the pop-up which is making your users aware that the cookies would be used, also there is a text example of the cookies policy of the site using which you can create your own one. 

      The installation is also pretty simple, just several lines of code, however, it would be necessary to remove http: from the script's source in order to avoid blockage of it by the browser.

      Hope this helps.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      Cookie Script - free EU cookie law solution
      Free EU Cookie Law solution. Make your website compliant with EU Cookie Directive. No programming skills required.
  •  How can I include Cookiebot ( into my Ning 2.0 network?

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