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Ok I can't believe I still have to go through all this again. It took me some time after work to capture all these images and video to demo this issue when if the instructions I gave last time where followed you would have seen this in 2 seconds.

What I did to demo this issue.

  1. Cleared my whole site of code
  2. Cleared all my browser history and hard refresh of browser
  3. Went to each theme to check it was the same for them all
  4. Captured the screen to show the issue ( could have done every theme but would be to many images and time )
  5. Created a video to show the problem.
  6. Captured the inspection code to show the problem.

So when we choose a theme by standard the BODY TEXT size is set to 14px by default, now this size will show no issues with the video input title.

Change the BODY TEXT to anything over 14px and the title gets cut of including when you type in something, the higher you go the more get's cut off until no text shows at all !

The problem is the title box has a set height and as the input has a set padding off 0.5em then the two together do not work. Remove the height for the video title box and everything is solved. You could remove the input padding also which would also work.

If you can't still see the problem then I give up trying to show you and will just use my own one line of code to fix it on my site.

Demo Video Using the Infinity theme as standard setup


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  • In my experience, if your title has too many characters, they all won't show. That's why it is important to be concise and precise. Short and sweet and to the point is always best, whether on a video or on a blog post.

    • Hi Gerry

      This has nothing to do with How Many Characters are added, it's reffering to the text getting cut off at the top and bottom not how much is added to the title.

  • Just me two centavos but these many many coding threads pullng teeth with ning supprt seem like it should b happnig offline with ning developrs. Why not ning engneers taking care of all these basic testing and function of their own featurs? What R we paying for?  And fix the https/secure site function while U are at it, ning!  
    Crappy McCrapface.

  • Hi, John!

    Sorry for any inconveniences that this process of issue spotting could have caused to you.

    Finally, I have been able to reproduce it on our end, and I'm really sorry that it has taken so much time, and I can tell you that I really appreciate all the efforts you have made to help us in resolving this issue.

    As the conclusion, the report has been created and sent to the QA department with the detailed step by step instruction so they could reproduce the issue as well.

    I'll post the comment here once the issue would be fixed.

    Bets regards,

    Ning Team.

    • Hi Kyryl

      Thanks for getting back to me and to see you have managed to replicate the issue. Glad to help by posting anything I find that may be an issue as when new features are added I give them a good testing before I use them to find little bugs like this. I try to test on all themes without additional code to make sure it's nothing I have added before posting about it to be sure.

      John :-)

This reply was deleted.

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