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this is going to be my most complete seo post yet

1st things 1st, an intro to the seo software i will be using and recommending.

The 1st thing your going to want to do is find out where your ranking now and what pages you need to work on to improve.

Rank Reporter 3from inspyder is what i highly recomend (you may want to just get the whole seo bundle)

for now  if your sites small just starting out and your just beginning to do seo and arent ready to invest $ into it just get the trial version here Rank Reporter 3 Free Trial or use this link to Buy Rank Reporter 3

what id recomend is go to google analytics under search engine trafic set the keywords as primary metric and source or search engine as secondary then export the report as a csv   you may need to edit out some excess data you dont need but  what you want to  have is a list of all the keywords that googles sent you  the most trafic from

add that list to rank reporter and run a search (if your running a long list like i am  select only google or only the 4 or 5 google worldwide engines)  trial version your limmited to only a few keywords

while thats gathering your rank let me introduce you to a few other tools that will be instrumental or helpful in your efforts

sitemap creator i am currently beta testing sitemap creator 4 and i can tell ya when its finnished you will love it as much as i do.. to me it feels custom built to my needs cause  this company is awesome every single suggestion  i ever made they built into it! in fact  the latest build of version 3 has a url replacement feature that was added just for ning!

i suggested since ning has no root access a url replacement feature that would allow you to upload to a subdomain then have all the sitemaps in the index have the subdomain overwrite the www.. 15 minutes after making that recommendation i get an email saying heres a beta build we added that feature to..

version 4 will have a pause button very handy for crawls that take days to complete as well as video sitemaps too

info on Sitemap Creator 3 the trial version is good enough for sites just starting out so download Sitemap Creator 3 Free Trial, but most ning sites will find the full version esentail so Buy Sitemap Creator 3.

I have tested lots and lots of sitemap generators 1/2 didnt work at all none worked as good as this 1

people who used only my sitemap tip in the past had seen a 50% increase in trafic in 2 weeks
thats how esential this is

next one is really powerful when used right (for max benifit some outside services  used along side it will be recomended later)


Backlink Monitor 3
this tool not only monitors the "health" of your backlinks, it automaticly discovers backlinks and heirarchy finds domain and page pr as well as index status
u can download the trial here Backlink Monitor 3 Free Trial or Buy Backlink Monitor 3

these are the main programs we will be using to improve your rank but you may want to look at some of the other packages they offer 1 does a sitewide spellchek and broken link check one copies your entire site to your drive etc
all seo and webpage management products

ok so you should now have your ranking info  being gathered you downloaded the trials or full versions of the sitemap and backlink software and are ready to put it to use

i'm going to have this partialy step by step instruction and partialy more detailed explanation of concept

some parts maybe over the heads of newbies to seo but try to read and understand it if you can at least get a vague understanding it will be helpful

1st while the rank reporters running let me  tell ya that your site needs a splash page.. and i do mean needs

your main page  changes constantly which is great for freshness  but  can confuse the hell out of bots

say your sites  most used feature is the forums and  u have 10 forum posts front center on main page .. your sites main theme is education often those 10 posts are education related but vary widely in topic then sometimes 1/2 are off topic

1 day you may rank great fir primary school the next day not at all because the primary school post dropped out i[of se]ight (the post itself having less power deeper in then front page may still rank at number 23 or 40 but he main page no longer ranks at all)

a splash page lets u fine tune the on page seo to your main keywords

target the hard to get  main topic keywords  ive covered basic on page seo in other tips  and will touch on it lil later here too but id recomend using any on page seo analysis tools  you find online  most will get you close  and you can try more then 1 and compare results.

your probably not going to do full on  on page seo on forum posts and blogs but pages are excelent for more "long tail" seo

by this i mean your splash page is targetted to 2 or 3 "prime " keywords thoe high trafic hard to get ones your pages you  target to wider area lower trafic easier to get keywords

blogs and forums u leave up to a combo of luck and off site seo (with minor exceptions)

you can edit titles add tags etc but your probly going to leave the body of text alone

however dont discourage the same topics being brought up over and over..often in forums if a questions asked all the time the responce is "read the stickies" or for ning read the featured instead reply fully every time a topics brought up is 1 more opportunity to have that page come up number 1 (u may even come up number 1-8 dominating the 1st page  with multiple pages)

lets pause here and get your sitemap updates running cause that takes a long time  to complete on large sites

1st lets configure it you want to import the robots.txt into the excluded pages

next priorities heres what i have mine set to yours yiu can adjust from here

forum priority 1.0 change freq always (splash page and most important and active feature should be priority 1.0 and change freq alway s to encourage googlebot to visit often for the freshest listings)

sharing 0.0 monthly (you dont want googlebot paying much atention to this at all)

photo 0.9 daily

friends 0.2 daily

profile 0.6 daily

events 0.3 weekly

main/sharing 0.0 monthly

video 0.3 weekly

activity 0.3 always

profiles 0.4 hourley

page0.7 weekly

group 0.7 hourley

/ 1.0 always

xn/detail 0.2 always

favicon.ico 0.1 yearly

these set a general guide to how often these features are updated a well as how important they are to be paid attention to.

next crawl rate  i have experimented with this alot trying to get the best mix off speed and acuracy and found that 3 threads and a crawler delay of 0.20 works the best

for images  to be listed  select no title no captions  to get the most of it and in the advanced project settings under additional root urls put in under general make sure all content types is checked and ion mages tab exract image data is checked

(when version 4 is released  check the extract video option too)

id recomend disabling javacript processing as it may cause weird issues in some groups

now click go after entering your root url ofcourse and let the crawl complete (depending on site size can be hours to days)

once youve done a satisfying run u can schedule it to run in the background as a task

now theres a couple tricks to using this on ning

sitemaps should go in he root but since it cant you create a subdomain host that domain somewhere (u can get very cheap hosting here)

in the upload settings set up the ftp info for the subdomain and at the bottom you see a url replacement field put the subdomain url there

(only applies to sitemaps over 40k urls which require a sitemap index)

because you added the api.ning as an alternate root  and cannot verify it through webmmaster tools then you must add a line to your robots.txt (in dashboard click search engines) add this to line 1

Sitemap: (gz or xml depending wich option u use i recomend gz)

upload using xml sitemap include priority change freq etc images mobile  .. if needed sitemap index change it to 40k not 50k urls per sitemap

use gz compression (recomended but optional)

ping when done

verify the subdomain in webmaster tools and this is where you will submit and monitor sitemap activity not the main domains wmt account

now to the final tool the backlink monitor

1st off let me explain the importance of backlink with a cruedly drawn

so as you see your site has many links coming into it feeding it pr points, relevence points trustworthy points.. but each page linking to you has the same network of links pointing to it

and so on and so on the wider out you go the more diluted it becomes but u=in general 5 levels deep can be used to yoir advantage


this may sound crazy but its working for me and i just barely began days ago

do off site optimization on other sitesthat link to you! nit their whole site ofcourse just the pages linking to you and rhe pages linking to the pages linking to you.

in the backlink monitor theres an export links to service option with a dozen backlink submission services  and a few that do way more then just submit

3 services im using are all tied together  are for finding backlinks heres the only issue here tho to use it for free backlink finding you need to place a 0 byte text file in your root.. ningwont alow that so u probly need to use a subscription or alternate service

i havent looked at all their other extras that come with subscriptions but might be worthwhile (i have webdav still so i have root access so can use it free)

use that to find your backlinks to add to the reporters list of links to scan and find your 5 level deep hierarchy of links

now that u have the 5 level deep hierarchy  you can use 1 or both of these

this is a paid subscription service that links over 1000 in network high pr and relevant booster links to your links


this builds thousands of new highly relevant high pr links to your site you can get a 25 50 75 or 100 links per month package

these link profiles can be changed at anytime  either to target new keywords to tye same page, or to  target new keyword s to a new page

its recomended you at very least change the link anchor and text every 2 months or so to keep it more natural looking

(so all your links dont have the same anchor or description all over the net)

one other awesome link building tool is article submissins but how do you submit 1000 unique articles? by creating 1 article that "spins" into 1000 unique articles is 1 i use because it has over 1000 in house article network s that each rotates articles to the front page  for max value (a link on a front page is worth way more then 1 5 clicks in from the front page)

using a simple to learn spin syntax you turn 1 article into thousands of unique versions

these new links  will be found by the link search above  added to the link booster the link monitor will find the boosted links  which can be boosted a well

and your building a flood of pr and relevence  giving your pages authority

now you have your rank reporter results

check out how many are number 1 probly a few since your only searching the top performing keywords (u can add low performing to the list to improve later too especialy high relevance/important ones)

look for any on page 1 but below rank 1 or 2 to work on 1st

add these to the masterlinker  link profiles emphasizing the keywords that your already doing good on but want to improve

 also boost any link s to those pages and possibly do an article submission for them

(article submission will be slowest to see results but well worth the effort ..artcles are trickled out  for a reason only 3 a day per article but multiple articles linking multiple pages adds up! and by a y-year in yoyr talking 1000 links with very good relevence to 1000 pages  powering up 1000  keywords)

now your on your way, you git rank data you are tracking changes over time running reports  monitoring your backlinks building more powering them up

your sitemaps are submitted  in webmaster tools click settings  the let googlebot control crawl rate or set your own crawl rate (in the www not subdomain) set to set your own crawl rate and turn it up to the max! you want googlebot to live on your site  finding fresh content as fast as it can and indexing it

now you also fine tuned pages a s well as splash page optimization

another thing you can do is feed your pages link juice internaly

dont overdo it  but  place 1 or 2 links in the body of posts and pages  to a page or splash page you want to be the authority on the topic

link values heirarchy

 relevant anchor text dofollow with pr from a good trustworthy neighbourhood

pr etc but a generic (click here.. read more.. etc) anchor

naked or no anchor (image links and or just urls)

all links have value but quality links have far more value

so now your link building super charging article posting (forgot to mention those sites also generate tons of social bookmark type and rss feeds links too)

you did some generic on page seo using some online seo analysis page

your seeing results and monitoring them

you want to try some more on page options

some of these changes can have big effects some tiny making a chanf-=ge with a big effect  is a risk that can payoff big or backfire big tiny adjustments by the dozen  are safer  for more fine tuning and should be monitored and compared to trends

titles if you change the title it can really make a diference..good or bad

h1 and h2 -h6 tags  can make a big diference


i posted 2 language editor seo tips fir changing the feature module headings h2 tags to seo tags

ex: all photos... all forums became all dreadlocks photos all.. dreadlocks forums

stuff like list and bold  will make a smaller safer diference

so adding something like

  • dreadlocks are best when kept clean
  • dreads dont need much work or maintenance
  • (add 2 more )

can give you a boost

changing the overal page word count and keyword density slightly will make a lil difference as well

once u have the big stuff close concentrate on the small stuff ..unless your still not doing great and feel taking a risk on a more powerful change is worthwhile, in that case go for the title or h1 tag and adjust slightly and slowly

example my splash page title was something like

dreadlocks clean natural healthy dreads locs methods and maintenance

then went to

dreadlocks natural healthy dreads methods maintenance pictures

then dreadlocks natural healthy dreads

and finaly

dreadlocks natural dreads

im at number 4 for dreadlocks or dreads

for natural dreads i have number 2 only cause my blog has number 1! (ofcourse that has links to my site feeding it relevence)

im afraid to change my splash page any more for fear of losing that top 4 position so now im working on all off site link building

the 3 sites above me

2 are 10 years old so have seniority and  hell of alot of links (they suck bad though and are considered scams)

..and wikipedia

all 3 will be very hard to unseat.. but i am determined to knock the 2 out even if i cant beat wiki

my other seo tips (sorry bout this 1 haha)

i guess thats all

i was going to make this much much longer and more complete  but i realized for many of you a simplified versions alot more helpful and i had so many seo tips already most of it was already covered

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  • NC for Hire
    Wow, a lot to digest. Thanks for posting soaring.
    • haha i actually was going to go  way deeper in depth  i actualy expected it to take 3 days to put it all together but realized much i had already covered in other posts and would be better to keep it simple, gather questions tben do a second 1  to fill in the gaps  and answer questions

  • Great post.  I could use a little more detail on setting up the subdomain and placing the sitemap there and pointing google to it.  Do you have to register subdomains?  

    • register no but create a dns record yes

      do you have a host already?

      if not this is my site i set the prices cheap as hell and u only need the most basic cheapo shared  host  so set up the domain on the host by add domain  (use the full

      \next wherever your domains registered go into the dns manager create an a-record in the 1srt box (usualy theres a default @ there) type only the subdomain sitemaps in the next "points to" box put the servers ip click ok and save

      next you want to verify with webmaster tools typicaly uploagung an html file is easiest

      in  nings dashboard  click search engines/nots this is your robots.txt

      add a line above all others

      Sitemap: gz or xml depending wich option u used when uploading

      default fille names sitemap i recomend gz its faster smaller etc

      anything else?

      the sitemap crawler uploads and pings the servers (google bing yahoo)

      the statement in the robots.txt ensures its found as well as says that api.ning is yours as weelll

      when you run it automaticly in the background select upload (only if changes detected) and auto ping servers and it woll run on a schedule without having to do a thing

      (u may stil want to run manualy every so often just to detect and correct any isues)

      oh in webmaster tools u can submit test sitemap to test it then once tested submit it so its live

      • oops forgot the link for hosting

      • I have a host for another website.  Can I use it for the sitemaps subdomain as well?  My friend is the owner so I think he can setup the back end.  I'm still not sure on how to setup the subdomain under my DNS manager (

        • yep as long as the host plan allows multiple domains  have him add the domain do you know the ip already?

          once the domains linked to a directory on the server  in godaddy click the domain (main domain) this brings up the domain manager

          in the domain manager center bottom you see launch dns manager

          thbe dns manager loads you see



          mx records

          rtc (sections)

          the 1st A-record section click quick add

          left box subdomain (only sitemaps)  next box put the server ip there

          leave the ttl as tge default

          save zone file (top right)

          then ok

          wait a few minutes to an hour and  or try (or is it org or net) to test theglobal propegation

          once all the global dns servers point to the right ip your good

          anything else?

          • Got it.  I'll get to that point and then let you know if I need further help.

            • awesome

              i just started beta testing version 4  of sitemap creator and i love it theres still some bugs ive found but its faster  smoother uses less ram  has everyt feature i ever asked for

              they are an awesome company  pretty much every feature i requested except the pause (which was harder to implimemt) they added to a custom beta for me within hours...really impressive support

              the version thats out now has features i had added just to fit nings limitations so its pretty much built for ning

          • One other thing, how important is the splash page, and do you host that elsewhere or does Ning have that option?

This reply was deleted.

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