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Hi Creators,

We have an API related question, hope that some experts will be able to help us out!

we have an API key that NING provided us, we need to export the data trough this api in our database using php libraries and class, and phyton language.

the problem is that when we call data we get no results, empty file. 

We used this documentation:

We urgently need to solve this problem, since we'd like to create a mobile app, someone has experienced the same issue or know how it's better to manage the API?

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  • I know nothing of API so I hope someone responds but if you're looking to create an app, you may need to get a bid from the guys in the Hire a Creator group.  Good luck!

    • Thanks Kos! An app is only one of the things I have in mind :D Hire a creator will be my next stop!

      • Hope they can help!

  • Hi Giovanni,

    As far as I know, the API for the Ning 3 platform is still in Beta testing, as it has been since 2013. It was on the Roadmap to be released for many years but it didn't happen.

    However, you should still be able to use it, in a limited form.  I think the number of calls it can handle per hour is very limited.  I believe you will need to use the OLD Ning API which is called version 1, to get authorization tokens which you will use with Ning API version 2 calls for Ning 3 sites.  Note that tokens are sent in Plain Text which is very unsecure!

    One thing that I don't think is in the docs is that to get the oauth_signature computed correctly in the PLAINTEXT method, you combine the consumer key string, with the %26 at the end with the oauthTokenSecret.  i.e. oauth_signature="xxx-oauth-consumer-key-xxx%26xxx-oauth-token-secret-xxx

    So what data are you trying to get from your Ning site?  Since the API has never been released, I have been using other ways to get Ning data over the many years I have been creating apps for Ning sites.  There may be another way to do what you are trying to do.

    Best wishes!


    • Hi TJ, firstly thank you for your reply!

      We will first try again using your suggestions both for token and signature.

      Basically I'm creating a side website for my community that hosts more practical activities, such as job opportunities and application, automatic team creation based on skills, dashboards for projects, notifications specific per user etc..
      So my objective is to keep NING as the "community and social" with his blog and forums and groups, and let my users to access my other site with their same credentials and also with their same user profile (categories, and all data used in the registration in my network) 

      Hope I explained what i'd like to achieve, any help would be great.

    • Hello TJ:

      I was making a request to the Ning API through curl php with the following parameters:

      curl -u \
      -d 'oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT&oauth_consumer_key=69762a66-6cdf-4cbc-93a5-27a402472d2a&oauth_signature=55eb787b-ac73-4493-a982-8bf3516bd6ee' \

      But the answer is the following:

      {"success":false,"reason":"Not Found: null","status":404,"code":2,"subcode":2,"trace":"7914ceb8-7b5d-4629-a028-8ba59ff1aea2"}

      That is, you do not find any information associated with it, you could tell me what I'm doing wrong.

      greetings and thanks.

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