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          Hi John, I actually had tried it and it didn't work, but just gave it another try and it did. I actually think that perhaps the last time it didn't work was because i had written ''Disable Ning Search'' a couple of lines above the piece of code so I would know what it was and what piece of code to take out if i wanted to re-enable the search bar. Perhaps writing that interfered with the function code. Anyways, thank you very much, it works now! :)

          • No worries. If you want to make notes in css you must enclose them else it will stop all css from the quote downwards. Here is how you would write a note in css.

            First add this  /*

            Then write your comment and end it like this

            End quote with this  */

            So in your case the completed thing would look like this

            /* Disable Ning Search */

            You can do add as many * as you like for instance

            /***** Disable Ning Search ****/

            And over multiple lines like this


            Disable Ning Search


            And finally you can always tag it on the end of a line of code like this but it's always clearer above it as you can see in the other example

            #xn_bar_menu_search{ display:none } * Disable N/ing Search */

            /* Disable Ning Search */

            #xn_bar_menu_search{ display:none }

            Hope that helps as it's always good to label your css to make it clear what you are doing. I also tend to split my css in sections using the quotes so all my photos code would be in one area etc, something like this

            /**** GLOBAL PHOTOS CODE ****/

            All my css code would go in here for photos

            /*** END GLOBAL PHOTOS CODE ***/

            /*** VIDEOS  CODE ***/

            Same thing code goes here

            /**** END VIDEOS CODE ****/

            John :-)

            • Ahhh, I see! That makes sense. At least I eventually had the wit to think maybe it was my line of words that disabled your code. Looking at what small bits of custom code i have now i can see they have /***'s above them, which i must have unconsciously copied and used when they were supplied on here by helpful Creators. I'm going to go back and have a closer look to see if there are some that might not be working because of no /*

              Thanks a million, John!

        • John is there anyway of excluding the search in private groups through code?

          • Not sure, but will have to take a look to see if it's possible.

          • Mike can't seem to find a way yet to block the search for private groups but here is a way you can hide the search for non members. It's custom code which goes in the custom code section.

            // Hide search if not member
            x$(document).ready(function() {
              if(ning.CurrentProfile == null){

    • This worked. Thanks

This reply was deleted.

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