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I thought I would share this as just finished adding this to my site. What this is for is for you to be able to help distinguish between Photos and Videos in the activity feed and also video listpages. As the videos when added look very much the same as the photos when added it is difficult to tell them apart by the title link and that's only if you add the word video in the page, if you create a page not named videos and let's say you created a video page named ' Training Courses'  then when seen in the activity the user will not know whether it's a video or a photo.

So here is a way to add some icons to them, you can see it working on my site and it works for grouped videos, single ones and uploaded ones. If you scroll doen my acitvity you will see carious videos.

Demo Images At the Bottom of post.

You can see this working on my site here:

Ok all this is done via CSS so no custom code required. The first thing we need to do is add some icons to use into your file manager in site & pages, you can use just about any type you want but here are the two I use, you can copy these ( make sure you save them as png ) and add them to your file manager, once there and uploaded copy the links for each of them and add them to notepad or something for later use.

Black Icon White Arrow as the default

Red Icon For When Hovered or Pressed

Next we just add the css and add the links into the parts which say add image link here. You should not need to change anything else. If you do want to adjust the size of the images you can do so by adjusting the background-size: percentage

.feedEvent-createVideoRollup .activityFeed-content a.activityFeed-image,.feedEvent-createVideoRollup .activityFeed-content, .feedEvent-createVideoComment .activityFeed-content, .feedEvent-createVideoLike .activityFeed-content a.activityFeed-image{ display:table-cell; height:100%;position:relative; }
.feedEvent-createVideoRollup .activityFeed-content a.activityFeed-image::before, .feedEvent-createVideoRollup .activityFeed-content, .feedEvent-createVideoComment .activityFeed-content, .feedEvent-createVideoLike .activityFeed-content a.activityFeed-image::before{content:' ';display:block;
background-image: url( ADD BLACK ARROW LINK HERE );background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:center center; background-size:19%; width:100%;height:100%;position:absolute; }

.feedEvent-createVideoRollup .activityFeed-content a.activityFeed-image:hover::before, .feedEvent-createVideoRollup .activityFeed-content, .feedEvent-createVideoComment .activityFeed-content, .feedEvent-createVideoLike .activityFeed-content a.activityFeed-image:hover::before{background-image: url( ADD RED ARROW LINK HERE );background-size:17%; }

.videoListPage-image::before{content:' ';display:block;
background-image: url( ADD BLACK ARROW IMAGE LINK HERE );background-repeat:no-repeat; background-position:center center; background-size:22%; width:100%;height:100%;position:absolute;}
.videoListPage-image:hover::before{background-image: url( ADD RED ARROW LINK HERE );}



John :-)

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  • NC for Hire

    Nice touch Bizz!

    • Thanks JF :-)

  • And it goes well,

    what happened is that I put the code,

    when it had to be the url of youtube,

    I added your code

    and it comes out very clear with the

    YouTube url, not with the embed code,

    thanks Jhon

  • Thanks to your code Jhon,
    it comes out in the source activity,
    thanks Jhon
This reply was deleted.

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