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NC for Hire

This question was asked earlier. I thought it may be a good thing to offer this information as a Discussion under: Designing and creating a Ning Network.

Here's your situation: You've created a Ning Network, and your Design is perfect. You want to use the same design for another Ning Network.
Below, I have listed the steps to accomplish this task. This is the long way. I feel it's the best way. In case anyone brings this up: you could copy/paste ALL CSS (original theme, platform CSS, your theme, etc...) with Firebug. Fact: This is messy, not reliable, and would go way over the character limits in your CSS box. This I would not advise.

To apply the cleanest method, follow these steps:

  • From Original Ning Network:
  • Go to Manage/Appearance/Basic Theme
    • Locate the original theme you selected.
    • Make note of the theme name.
  • Go to Manage/Appearance/All Options
    • Note or record any colors/fonts you have edited, outside of the original theme you selected.
    • I typically flip back and forth between old/new to make sure I have all the same colors.
    • Do be sure you have selected the tab "All Options" when you compare your colors.
    • Make notes if you have uploaded a Network Logo, Background Image, Body Image, Badge Background, and Media Player Image.
  • Go to Manage/Appearance/Advanced - Copy/paste all CSS to a text file, and SAVE your text file. You will need this on the new site.
  • Go to new Ning Network.
  • Go to Manage/Appearance/Basic Theme.
    • Select the same theme you selected on original site. You will receive a warning that your existing CSS will be overwritten. This should be expected.
    • SAVE your changes now, with selected theme.
  • Go back to Manage/Appearance/Advanced.
    • Paste all of the CSS from your original (contents of the text file you saved), to your CSS box on new site.
    • SAVE
  • Now the hardest part: Go back to Manage/Appearance/All Options
    • Change any colors that were edited, outside of original theme.
    • Upload any images as indicated above.
    • SAVE.

This should do it. This is much easier than it looks. ;-)

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  • NC for Hire
    You know you have to stop, don't you? :-). Thank you.
    • NC for Hire
      LOL. ;-)

      I'm sure a lot of us take it for granted, how to do this. Hopefully it will helps others.
  • Thanks for posting this Jen!

    • NC for Hire
      My pleasure. It was inspired by a question that was asked earlier, on the site.
    • NC for Hire
      My pleasure - - and good idea to bring up the documentation and creation information.
      Happy Thanksgiving,
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