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NC for Hire

1 month ago I asked support to look into two issues.  First, subject tags are no longer showing up inside posts and it appears the "display:none" is on the Ning side.   Ticket number 1901094  

Second, as google webmasters has pointed out, there are no longer any hreflang specified in the headers of any pages inside my community.   And it has become obvious today that Leaderboards have not worked in over a month.  

Are there changes to the 2.0 going on at the moment?  Is this perhaps a foreshadowing of a new migration script?  

I have received no solutions from support.   Please advise

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  • Use the CSS override !important in your design studio to fix the display:none issue.

    as for the missing tags, try adding them in custom code. Use javascript to have it prepend or append a certain portion of a global site module. Such as Ningbar or Search.

    • NC for Hire

      I tried that with the tags... they appear to be nonexistant...

      • Where are you noticing tags not appearing? Is it a specific module, or global?

  • Yeah...Ning broke my site. 

    Wish we could just host our own sites. 2.0 is forgotten and 3.0 is being developed pretty slow. If only it was Open sourced. 

    • I still wonder why Ning's age old policy for closed source, SARS applications is put in place. The good thing about this set up is you know who to blame if anything happens to your site. but you also know who to blame if they refuse to help you. Or explain why things aren't working for people on a case by case basis.

      At least if you're cooperative, networks can be transferable. But we shouldn't need someone elses 2.0 just to have working features 3.0 apparently, just doesn't have.

      Having said that, 2.0 is what made Ning Ning. So I feel your pain.

  • Leaderborads page is one of our most popular pages, our traffic has significantly dropped with it being broken. 

    • NC for Hire

      They keep telling me my leaderboard is fixed and it is by no means fixed...

      • Reported this 2 months ago now.... 

  • Hi!

    I have just checked the leaderboards on your 2.0 network and it seems working fine for me -

    Could you please specify what exactly isn't working?

    Regarding the hreflang - I was advised that we actually never had it on 2.0 platform, so I am not sure why the Google Webmaster has started to point it out only recently. 

    But we do work on the migration script and continue to improve it. There will be an announcement here on creators once we are ready to start the migration. 

    Looking forward to your reply!

    Best regards,

    The NING Team

    Screenshot "Surveyor Leaderboards .png"
    • NC for Hire

      that isn't hasn't updated in more than a month...  also, it has now been over a month and a half since i reported my tags no longer showing up in posts of any sort and i still have not recieved any word back from support about this...

      Screenshot "Surveyor Leaderboards .png"
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