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What I am going to show you is extremely simple and will create a consistant feel to your site by visitors. What we will achieve is a 1- pixel shift or "bump down" affect on all links. Links are inline elements, margin-top won't work. We don't want to use padding either, because that would change the size of the box itself which might leading to unwanted shifting of other elements around it as well, which is undesirable. The perfect fit is position: relative, which allows us to bump around elements from their original static positioning when visitors hover over a link.

For this example, I will show you how to how to apply this 1-pixel-shift effect to just TAB MENUS, LINKS INSIDE PARAGRAPHS and any <SPAN> Link.

Here is a Close Up Capture of the 1 Pixel Shift Effect on Links:


Example of Shift Effect on Tab Titles:

Example of Effect on Paragraph and Text Box Links:


Simply add this to your Advanced CSS in Dashboard

LI.tabContainerSection-tab:hover,p a:hover, span a:hover{
position: relative;
top: 1px;


If you would rather make the link bump to left or right (or diagonally) instead of vertically, change the

top: 1px;    to something like    top: 1px; left: 1px;

You may also like the link to change color on hover. In this case also add
something like this to the mix:
color: blue;

NOTE: And as Chris Coyier points out If you have any links on your site that are absolutely positioned, having the active state change to relative position will (probably) make them go flying away and render them unclickable. You can fix this on a case-by-case basis by making the active state of those links retain absolute positioning, and even make their top value one higher (or bottom value one lower) [reference]

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  • Pretty cool tip, thanks!

  • Somehow I already have this and don't know how I did it.  How's that for dumb luck *lol*  

    • NC for Hire

      i think I may have made a post similar in history, but couldn't track it down.. nice!

  • NC for Hire


  • This reply was deleted.
  • Hey there. I love it! Where in the code do I put the color to change when hover? 

This reply was deleted.

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