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Could someone please walk me through the easist way for a member to upload their videos direct from their mobile phone to your Ning site via Nings branded video player. 

I'm contemplating purching this Add-on. 

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  • Hello Scott!

    On 2.0 networks your members can upload photos or videos from the phone by sending the media to the specified email address. Here is more info -

    Best regards,

    The NING Team

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    • Would a member be able to upload their videos in the comment boxes by selecting the "media" icon and have it be Nings branded video player to upload thier video with? 

      • Hi Scott!

        No, "Media" button allows you to embed only, not upload. However, you can upload a video to the network and then get embed code and put in in the comment. 

        If you wish, I can enable Video add-on on your network for a day or two (no fees) so you can test it and decide whether you need it or not. 

        Best regards,

        The NING Team

        • I would love to check it out. If you could do that I will give it a shot. 


          • Hi Scott!

            I have added a Branded Video Player to your network till Monday. Feel free to test it :)

            Best regards,

            The NING Team

            • A few major issues with the Branded player. 

              1. I no longer have the secure SSL because of it. I guess SSL does not like flash players. (Total deal breaker) 
              2. Flash players are going to be banned in one year from now making this Branded player useless. (Source:
              3. Very poor quality! I left it on my site for you to witness:
                Now here it is again on using the same vidow file on Youtube:

              Could you please have a look at this to make sure I'm not mission something?

              I also noticed that the Branded player has very poor quality on my other videos on my site back when we had this for free. Created in 2010 with the Branded player:


              • Hello Scott!

                Yes, you are right, SSL does not favor flash players and it automatically blocks it on (I believe) all browsers. 

                We are aware of the upcoming Flash shutdown and our Tech Team is already working on the solution. Unfortunately, I cannot address any quality issues at this point since the Branded player will be, basically, reworked. 

                I have cancelled the add-on I activated for you, you will not be billed for it. 

                Best regards,

                The NING Team


                • Thank you Anastasia, 

                  I am looking very forward for the new version of Ning's Branded Player. I hope this is something this coming year. 

                  I appreciate you letting me have a quick go at it.

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