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There was an attempt at a discussion made here about network creators and Klout, but it didn't seem to go anywhere, so I am going to briefly describe to you what Klout is and how we, as a community of Network Creators can help one another's influence.

The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others. The Klout Score uses data from social networks in order to measure: 

  • True Reach: How many people you influence
  • Amplification: How much you influence them
  • Network Impact: The influence of your network

First, What is Klout and Why do you Care?

You can read much more about Klout and how it effects brands and measures influence here.

Your Network 

Your Network indicates the
influence of the people in your True Reach
. How often do top Influencers share and respond to your content? When they do so, they are increasing your Network score.


Your Amplification is how much you influence people. When you post a message, how many people respond to it or spread it further? If people often act upon your content you have a high Amplification score.

True Reach

Your True Reach is the number
of people you influence
. We filter out spam and bots and focus

on the people who are acting on your content. When you post a message,
these people tend to respond or share it.



Second, How we can Help Each Other!

After you have gone to Klout and plugged in your social profiles, come back here to this discussion and drop a link to your Klout Profile Page.  Mine is here as   By connecting with one another as community builders we can help each other become influential as social media managers.  All we have to do is give each other Klout by clicking on the Klout button beside each other's names while viewing the topics we influence the world on as show to the right.



 1) Go to Ning's Klout Page and Invite them to your circle-let's bring their Klout up!

2) Go to My Klout Page and Invite me to your Circle...then and most importantly, go to the New List that i've started for Ning Creators Here

 As you can see, i'm only a couple of Klout Points behind ALL OF NING so connecting with me will bring your influence up. I promise to make an effort to retweet your content as long as you do the same.   However you must make a conscious effort to share and retweet content sent out by each other to continue to build measurable Klout.

If you are on Twitter, connect with me here @landsurveyorsu

If you're on Facebook you can follow my page for land surveyors (even if you aren't one) here   and I'll like you back as that page.

And finally if you have a Google+ page for business, send me a message with a link to it and i'll help you promote it, as long as you follow and help promote mine.


 Klout measures influence based on the ability to drive action, not potentially misleading metrics like follower or friend count. Klout has analyzed over 85 million people on major social networks, and is used by over 3000 brands and applications. 


A Nice presentation on Klout for Community Managers



A little bit about Klout Perks

As your Klout builds higher and higher, you have a chance to win prizes like cars and phones and trips, which have been offered by big brands as incentives for building Klout.  You can see what Perks are all about here.

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  • This sounds promising, J! Thanks for sharing. I've followed all of your directions, and I gave your G+ business page the follow from my personal G+ account and my G+ business account. You should see both, so I won't have to shot you a message in private.

    I also gave your Facebook page the "like" from my personal account and FB page. If there's anything I neglected to do, let me know.

  • Will try this tomorrow..

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hmm... Good question, Diane.

    • NC for Hire

      no it doesn't Dianne...but being public would help you in search engines but because most of this above is performed off-site, it doesn't  great question

  • Klout is still in Beta, and Google+ is still new.

  • wow this klout drops like nothing i have ever seen, did i get a bad server day?


    • What do you mean "drops"? I didn't have a problem with the site last night.

  • server is always interrupted,

This reply was deleted.

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