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NC for Hire

Hi all,

UPDATED 10th Jan 2015 and now compatible with v2 themes, and supported here.

Inspired by the conversation going on over here, I have spent today writing a hack so that members of your Ning 3.0 network can include YouTube, Vimeo, ReverbNation, SoundCloud etc embeds on their profile pages (like they can in text boxes on Ning 2.0).

This places an embed below the member profile cover area, like so:

The script assumes that the embed code is iFrame based, as those eagle-eyed in the code stakes will soon see, and works by asking members to insert the embed code into a profile question.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

1) Add a Profile Question to your Ning 3.0 site. Make it a "Website Address" answer and you MUST include the word 'embed' in your question. In this instance the question is

Include a video or music player on your profile page by inserting embed code below

You might want to change the wording but make sure that embed is in there.

2) Go to the Custom Code section of your Ning 3.0 site and add the following script to the End of Page Code box.

x$(document).ready(function() {
if (x$('.aboutTab-question:contains("embed")').length > 0) {
x$('.module-body.aboutMember').append('<div class="SP_Profile_Embed_Wrap"><div class="SP_Profile_Embed"></div></div>');
var embed = x$('.aboutTab-questionAndAnswer:contains("iframe")').text();
x$('.SP_Profile_Embed').contents().filter(function(){ return this.nodeType != 1; }).remove();


3) Now add this css to the Design Studio:

.SP_Profile_Embed {
text-align: center;
width: 100%;

Members will now be able to add embeddable vids and music players via their profile update screen.

Here is a working example.

All seem to be responsive if you select the right embed options.

The css ninjas among you will want to tweak the look and feel of the .SP_Profile_Embed wrap, so by all means go ahead.

For now I've gone for simplicity. The embed is below the cover area but it can of course be modified to sit anywhere on the page, just drop me a PM.



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  • Hi SP,

    Very nice tip!  That was a good idea to use Ning to store the embed in the form of a Profile Question, so nothing external is needed. 

    And I love that you used SP in the class name so we know its your work.  Maybe use SP in the js variables too, i.e. SP_embed.  I use jQH prefixes to "watermark" my code these days.  Makes it easy to find when helping someone who has your code and you are viewing their source to help them debug it.

    Keep up the good work, and best wishes!


    • NC for Hire
      Thanks TJ and Jen,
      I used your watermarking idea TJ from a while back, although its not second nature which is why I missed the variable. Will change that!
      Hopefully some of those who need third party music players on profile pages will find this of particular use.

      TJ, will reply to your pm soon.

      • Yep, would be good if we all use a code watermark.  Then when someone shares something here that they found but do not remember where it came from, we can know who it was originally from, just looking at the code! :-)

        I'm sure many people will find your tip useful!

        Best wishes!

  • NC for Hire

    SP, Impressive!


  • I am not using the 3.0 platform yet.. But this was an excellent idea! very cool!

    • NC for Hire
      Lol. I don't think anyone that is griping about absence text boxes (and therefore lack of embeds on profile ages) is actually on Ning 3.0 yet, so I dare say that not many people will use this yet.
      But it's out there for the odd few who need it right now.
      Glad you like it
      • No, your right.. but look as someone who deals with finding creative ways to manipulate the ning environment... It's stuff like this that I can use to spark perhaps another idea... I like that a lot.

        • NC for Hire
          Cool, let me know what you come up with.
          • I just recently applied to the sand box group. I am not sure that I will be accepted I haven't exactly been labeled here as someone who is helpful sadly. However, this did give me an idea for something else :D ... good stuff hon! Of course if I can pull something off cool I will share it with you. That's the least I can do! :D

            • Hi Shay, So glad to see that you signed up! Just got into the office and am admitting you to the group now. One of my colleagues will be converting your new network to the free Sandbox Plan. You will receive an email to confirm  your new complimentary subscription, but bear with us as there is a decent amount of administrative work required to make this happen. If you don't receive the email by Monday, just let me know. Thanks!

This reply was deleted.

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