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So I have been trying to help out a fellow creator with adding my tip for adding themes for profiles and for the past few days been trying to figure out why his signup is not working. After removing the code and re-writing it in case it was that it still happens yet on my site it works with no issues. He contacted Ning but they said it was the code and the added questions which was the issue. Well it could not be that as all is working fine on my site.

Ok so I removed all my code from my site so it is clean of code and added a long set of choices like Rosas † Negras

And this is what I found, if you have a long sign up form when you go to part two to enter your name etc becuase it's a long form the top part you cannot get to so it causes the fail of the sign up becuase you cannot fill those parts in. There is a setting of 100% set against the body which is stopping the form scrolling up to the top. See the images below. So now we know it is nothinig to do with any code added but a problem in the code of Ning for the sign up form.




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  • thank you very much my friend .. I hope Ning will solve it soon ... without you I would always be there to think

    • No worries, I could probably write a line of code to solve the problem but will wait a bit to see if Ning fix it first.

      • Thank you very much my dear friend! they say they are trying to fix i stay in online chat until they solve the situation

  • Hi there!

    Thank you for informing us about that issue, it should be already fixed.

    I've tested with adding a lot of choices and can't reproduce the issue anymore.

    In the case with Rosas † Negras there were some required questions hidden by custom code.



    Ning Team

    Rosas † Negras
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    • It works in Chrome and Firefox but the issue still exists in Edge. I've tried it in all three browsers wihout any code which will affect the signup. With regards to the hidden questions on the Rosas Negras page this had no affect on the signup as it was tested on my site when I wrote it to make sure it did not cause any issues. I tested by signing up without issues on all browsers. The issue with the reaching the top of the page only came to view because he was having issues so I investigated to find what was causing it and found it was becuase of the long sign up form and not being able to reach the top of the form.


      • To fix it for all browsers I added a height of 100vh to the container which now allows the page to scroll. Here is the css used with the 100vh

        .xg_theme.xg_widget_main.xg_widget_main_authorization.xg_widget_main_authorization_newProfile .container {
        margin: auto;
        height: 100vh;

        • I'm not sure if it has been fixed ... I have yet to try ... can I add the codes now my dear friend?

      • Bizz Thanks for always being ready to help everyone if there were no men like you, Ning 3.0 would continue to travel without rowing

        This is where Creators get together to share advice and tips about growing their Ning Social Networks.
    • Alex Ning 

      as you can see nothing is solved I'm in the usual situation Alex.

      Alex Ning Support
      This is where Creators get together to share advice and tips about growing their Ning Social Networks.
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