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When my member uplod a photo it changes collor. The support can't fixe it, or they wont. They said to embed the pictures. That is so stupid.

My members are stopping to upload photos and they are saying that is way. They are professionals photographers. They will never accept that.

Some of then said that, I should work with a serius company to make my website. 
I agree with them. How can I tell all members to embeed they photos from another site becouse my don not work? How stupid is that?

Please. Can it be fixed or nobody cares?

I'm frustrated with Ning. I put my name on something, that gives so many problems. And turn it of now is even worse.

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  • Hello!

    I understand your frustration, and I realize that the workaround with embedding photos isn't as convenient as directly uploading photos to the site, but, unfortunately, this is the best option we have. Your request to disable the colour correction was carefully reviewed by the responsible developer and discussed with the management. Unfortunately, at this very moment, we are not able to change the photo upload flow.

    Please accept our apologies once again. 

    Best regards,
    The NING Team

    • Hi.

        For the past few days I am travelling around Brasil, meeting lot's of Photographers in some live events. We spoke a lot about it. I meet in person the photgraphers who most post on my network. And they told me that, they stopped because the color is  change.

        I am not asking you to disable the colour correction or anything. I am asking to fix it. The code that does the compression of those photos is broken. Needs to be fix, not turn out.

        I really want to invest more on my network, and create a business around Ning. But some thing like that, is not tolerate by my members. And if my members do not want to access my network anymore,  game is over for me. It 's not some thing that I can work around.

         I spoke with lot's of tecnical guy on those events. And they assume 100% sure is it just some problem and it can be fix. Maybe I was not clean to explain and it is my fault, sorry for that. English is not my first language . I think you notice by now. :)

      Could you try have another look at this again? It would be very helpful for us.

      Thanks for all the help you always give us.

      • Hello!

        I understand that it is crucial for your network and members, but the offered workaround is the best we can do for you in this situation.

        As I already mentioned, your request was already discussed with a tech team and management. Unfortunately, at this very moment, we are not able to change the photo upload flow.

        Please accept our apologies once again. 

        Best regards,
        The NING Team

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