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Well many of you may have visited my site which I had used just as a demo site but have been changing it for members to join. I am  just getting the forums together and so once done will open it to members, hopefully the latter part of this week.

If you want to join and be informed when it's ready just pop over and email to me ( you may have to friend request me here to add email ) your email that you want me to send your invite to. Mark the email title as  " I Would Like To Join"  this will then make it easy for me to filter those out from anything else.

Here is my site :

John :-)

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  • Hi John,

    I took a look at your site and can see how it might serve as a useful demo. I am not sure I recognize much of a social concept there - is your site supposed to be a place for Ning enthusiasts to talk code, tricks, and tips, etc?

    I noticed you around Ning Creators since I have returned and think your enthusiasm and creativity are terrific strong points for you. You've got a sort of steady work-like activity in the topic which would naturally be welcomed by the platform provider as well as other Ning focused design professionals. It reminds me a bit of previous Ning customer advocates like Eric or Crystal.

    Perhaps I can offer you a cautionary note about this line of development - I've seen many projects over the last ten years orient to Ning as a primary topic, but that generally go nowhere useful, and there might be just a couple who were able to make something out of their ideas. It is natural to look to Ning Creators as a source and focus for your new site, but while it seems like low hanging fruit, it's probably one of the more complex aspirations to shoot for.

    You might be one of those people, and you mentioned that you are just now looking into how your project might be a social concept now, so perhaps too early to be critical.

    In any case, I would not say that it is very impressive at this time. What features and activities you have in place seem more like novelties to me, but I can also say that over the years I have noticed new end-users going through this kind of orientation phase where they actually do have some interest in the basic uses of the tools, and what can be done with a little experimentation or tech savvy.

    Can you offer a little more insight as to what your vision for your project is in terms of concept, use of features, appearance, etc, and who it might be for, why people might want to join? I used to offer critiques/ advice to new Ning Creators back in the day, - see me listed as one of the Ning Superstars - and for your efforts on this community, I would be happy to discuss your project with you here.

    Best, Anthony

    Superstar Nor Cal Social Media
    This is where Creators get together to share advice and tips about growing their Ning Networks.
    • Hi Anthony

      Yes my site started out as a demo site to show how tips I posted on Creatorshow it  would look or somewhere to show something specific to what someone asked if could be done.

      My site is in a basic form just now from a non members point of view as the pages I am creating are only viewable to me. I am creating various forums of all the different features of Ning so I and others can post any tips of help regarding these features or if have unique designs for them. As these forums are seperate to one another it will make it easy to find something you may want  or post for. Each one will have it's own ' Questions And Answer ' section also.

      The whole purpose behind this is not to have a hundreds of thousands members site but those who have a Ning site and may want some help that they may not find on the Main Creators forum or have some tips or just want to chat to others. I have a main site I am building for my social site which is using Ning but not for tips as it's nothing to do with that.

      Also the site is a way for me to be able to share and post my own tips without taking over the Creators forum as sometimes can be the case when I have some things to share so do not want to get in the way of other Creators posts on there.

      Also the tips I create and also have on my site in some way is so that you can use the whole thing or just take portions of the code to use on something you might have but just need a bit of the code to help.

      Creators is not a very good place to share blocks of code as the page width is very narrow and the text is small so it all gets squished up and makes it easy to miss copying important things like periods and spaces that are needed.

      The things I have posted on my site are things that have been asked for and if could be done or to add things that are missing from Ning just now, like the activity feed, which is still under construction with many things not on it yet, as we can have videos but just now there is no way to watch them actually in the feed, same with photos you have to leave the feed to see them and come back again and so I added a way to do that. These options where added especially for mobile and tablets so you can stay on the feed. So these and the other ' novelties ' have been added by request or to see if could be done and also to fill in the gaps that Ning has not added or not added correctly.

      A lot of work I still have to do to move away from the Ning look and I have a new navigation system which will help but that will be the last thing to add until I get all the pages needed for the ' social side ' in place.

      I think it's only the navigation which looks outdated as the rest of the pages are in the ' modern style ' of just white with text and a little colour for the buttons etc. My pages especially the activity feed has had a lot of thought gone into the mobile view so all the context takes up the width, if you look at Nings default you will notice all the feeds, side columns etc  and the context within it get's all squished to one side.

      So as you can see lot's of ' little things ' have been done to improve the look and it's these little things that I will share in the site.

      The reason for members to join, well the site is public to view so they don't have to but it makes it easier to answers questions or communicate with other Nc's either by me or them with others. As you see I post a lot on Creators responding to people and so by having a members site will make it easier to do so, again without over running the feed on Creators.


      • Hey, pretty cool! Well, I used to do something like that a long long time ago, lol! Also, there have been others here with the same kind of ideas - maybe Jen Social and some of the other NC for hire folks. At one time or another I have engaged with or explored these kinds of projects, so my advice stands in the sense I can relate to what you are trying, but I will say your underlying thought process for it all sounds pretty good.

        We also used to have a sandbox - a test site offered by Ning when 3.0 came out that anyone could activate and play around with before committing to pay or publishing. If I recall, we were enjoying some interesting features like video play directly from activity feed - also direct posting and commenting into activity feeds.

        Back in 2.0 we had I think it was a mirror or test site application where you could try out changes to see how they looked without losing your current configuration.

        Sooo... it's good stuff, but I still feel it's worth cautioning on, that a lot of this stuff is kind of the scope of what Ning has done in the past and maybe should be doing now or in the near future. I've just seen it where one big move on Ning's part can wipe out months of published technical insight or whatever, and that can feel like quite the slap in the face when your intentions were to help advocate for the platform and support your peer community. Just watch yourself, try to make sure you get out of it what you are putting into it, and be conscious of the time/energy investment in the context of all this platform volatility ;)

        Best, Anthony

  • Thanks John! it's nice to learn more about your Work on Bizzsite. the site looks very clean and i notice that every section has a different Banner .that looks beautiful !

    • Thanks J.Ayvar. I will post how I did that for the headers on my site. It was easy to do and will add this to my tips section as am starting to add those sections now so hopefully you should see them appear over the weekend.

      John :-)

  • Is and body else having this problem?




    • Hi there!

      As I can see you have already contacted us regarding this issue and it has been reported to the tech team.

      When it will be fixed we will contact you back in order to confirm the release of the fix, and as you have created the ticket you would hear back from us via email.

      Best regards and apologies for the inconveniences,

      Ning Team.

  • NC for Hire

    Hey Bizz.. are you opening this site back up?

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