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Profile Page Bug

Wondering if anyone else is having an issue when members go to view one another's profile pages, they get this "Our apologies – this page was not found "These members are still active and part of my site, however, other members cannot view/comment or interact with their page at all. I've contacted Ning and already spoken with an account manager that has gone silent on me for the last 5 days...even after contacting him of the status of this bug. This affects my site since it is heavy on the social aspect of things. Any help would be much appreciated. This has been going on since the end of April (2-ish weeks). Can't believe it has taken this long to fix this.

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  • I joined your site to check on this and found that some members it will go to and some note. I wonder if the ones it says it cannot find have changed thier own profile settings to private as this would cuse that. I will continue investigating though.

    • It does not. If they have set their own profile to private it will say when clicking on their profile "this profile is set to private - only friends can see" or something along those lines. This bug acts as if the profile does not exist when indeed it does. Thank you for snooping around and trying to help out I appreciate it.

  • NC for Hire

    seems like i did run into this bug over the weekend.... also all of a sudden, member search seems broken

    • Welcome to 3.0 I think you’re now going to understand what we’ve been going through for the past 4 years on 3.0

    • Glad it's not just me.  I hope they fix this soon. They contacted me via email like they wanted to help and then went silent. Going on over a week now.

  • Hello,

    We do apologize for all the inconveniences you faced with.

    There was an issue with the platform that we fixed already and sent you the email notification about this.

    Please, inform us if you still have this issue on the network to our email

    Best regards,

    The Ning Team 

    • Thanks for getting back to me Anna. I will check now.

       Update: Just checked and still having the same issues. Email said issue cannot/has not been resolved yet. Please keep me in the loop with any updates you may have! 

      Thanks again

      • Hello,

        Thank you for notifying us.

        Please, provide us with the names of the members with the issue on their profile page.

        We kindly ask you to send us all the details to for the further invetigation.

        Best regards,

        The Ning Team

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