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We've tried to contact support regarding this and all they've done is copy and paste the CSS tutorial for beginners.

Our 'Side Image' keeps getting squashed and oriented to the left side even though the image is the proper size to fit the whole screen.

Our animated top bar and header have stopped working even though I've made no changes to the code in over a year.

In fact, the only animated gif that's still working is this one:No joke!  HELP US RESTORE OUR ABILITY TO UPLOAD ANIMATED GIFS and our side image upload.

Is anyone else experiencing these issues?   And if so, do you have any fix-it tips?   Thank You kindly,

Comedy Whirled.

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            • And now our 'space invaders' top nav bar gif crapped out!  Here's the original:

          • It's still not working.  Every time I try to upload an image that's larger than 1400 x 1200 it gets converted to that size.  Any fix on the horizon?  Please inform at your convenience.   Thank You.

            • Hi Ian,

              As I remember I have sent the email to you regarding this case.

              It appears to be the feature, right now if you uploading big pictures they would be converted into the small ones automatically.

              It has been done in order to increase the loading speed of the sites and save some space on the servers.

              Best regards,

              Ning Team.

              • So there's no way to restore our background, aka 'side image' to its proper resolution?  Ning just makes a global decision and that's that?  I'm not buying it.  The explanation is inadequate.  Please refer me to the highest authority.  Thank You.

                • Hi Ian,

                  Please be informed that it was their decision to create such feature.

                  Anyway, the complaint regarding this feature has been already created and I have added the name of your network to it. If there will be the decision to roll out this feature we would inform you via email.

                  Apologies for any inconveniences.

                  Best regards,

                  Ning Team.

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hi Daniel,

      We do apologise for the inconveniences at this moment developers are working under the issue with gif files so some of them could become animated already, but we haven't received the confirmation from QA. So the final fix hasn;t been released yet.

      Also, I have added the name of your network to the report regarding the image resize after upload. so we would contact you here or by the email when we will receive the reply from the QA department.


      Ning Team.

  • Images recently have been a royal pain.  I resolved my background image issue on my profile, but we have several group images that do not load correctly.....NING's reply "We have double checked the resize images issue with the QA team and it appears that from a recent time, we have implemented the ​feature that compresses all large photos, to make base images lighter in weight and without lossless in quality, to make pages load faster."  These images are 171 pixels by 171 pixels so they hardly classify as large however they are all PNG files so thinking it has nothing to do with size but how the platform handles PNG's. 

    • Hi there,

      We are sorry for the inconveniences, and yes you are right this issue isn't connected with the resize of the pictures. as we can see the report has been already filed and passed to the developers.

      We will inform you when it will be fixed.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

This reply was deleted.

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