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Is it me, or is anyone else fed up with the constant messages like the one below:

Lots of polite but meaningless reassurance that rarely leads to action. 

I can't tell you how many queries I have waiting - no I mean I literally can't tell you since for the last week, this is what I see when I try and access my support module:

I like Ning. It's been good to me, but I'm now beginning to wish I'd built elsewhere. Is it finally time to give up (it seems like Ning already have).


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  • Don’t be surprised they pull the plug on us come the new year lol

    • Not what I'm ready to hear

    • Hello!

      I understand where you are coming from, but believe me, we do not intend to drop this project. On the contrary, we have a separate team working on the special task that is going to be announced in 2019.

      Best regards,

      The NING Team

  • Same old crazy roller coaster ride with Ning.  Too expensive for what you get at this point anyway, IMHO.

    • This is what it's been like for me paying sixty dollars a month since I've had my site. I just get my members going, we're finally on a roll then it breaks. It's like one week on, one week off. Two weeks of getting my members to come back on and we get going and then boom, there we go again. "This time" I've waited for three days. People are still trying to plug along in there while the pages won't turn! It "is" almost exactly been "one week on" "one week off". My pictures and avatars a week ago and now can't turn the page, can't tell when anyone's joined a group in over a month because that's not fixed. I'm really frustrated! I don't believe I'm paying for this much frustration. I finally just went to my spruz site and invited some of my members there and we'll be there until "this" issue "this time" is fixed. I've been in literal tears like what am I doing? It's awful, just terrible!

      • And, while I'm at it, my facebook sharing button only shows a great big blurry star on facebook. It use to show the main picture to my front page to my site. I go to support and they say, "well, it's only connected to your icon to your site. Well it wasn't just three days before, what changed? To share my site on facebook is down right embarassing. And my members that I've had for years, most of them, don't even come on anymore. If there are new members, their all excited and get going and then we're off. They won't come on anymore.

        If anyone knows of any sites that have tabs in their groups please let me know so I can go. I've had enough of this frustration.

  • Hello Hugh!

    Please let me apologize on behalf of our Support Team. I personally understand your frustration, especially with the number of issues you`ve had lately. I realize that you want to have more insight on the bugs that are affecting your site and know more precise estimates, and believe me we would love to know for sure exactly when a certain issue is going to be resolved and share this information with you, and we always do so when we can. But unfortunately, in the majority of cases, our support agents are not being told any ETA, mostly because it is almost impossible to predict. Sometimes even most insignificant and simple misfunction that at the first glance is being estimated as 1h of coding can lead to something massive and stretch into 8-10h work, that as a result postpone other tasks. This is why we announce specific timeframes only when we 100% sure it can be done. 

    The problem with Support Tab can be reproduced on other 2.0 sites too, so I hope it will be resolved soon. 

    Please accept my apologies once again.

    Best regards,

    The NING Team

    • Thanks Anastasia. If it would makes things zip along any quicker, I can happily live without insight, but I'd desperatley like some fixes!

      I do understand that fixes can't be immediate, but when the weeks turn into months and the months turn in to years, one has to conclude that Ning are simply not willing to invest in what they're chareging for. 

  • Even though only email support comes with my $60 plan, I call support if I need to and I've never been refused. They are pleasant, responsive, know their stuff and really try to help you. Call them if you need to.

    We still have to wait for IT to get to the issue and solve it, which can be frustrating as heck, but these folks are trying really hard to build Ning into what we all want it to be. 

    • They are nice.. But for four years I've been off or things going wrong since I've opened my site a couple of years ago. I've had my own community websites for almost fifteen years and I've never worked so hard in my life to make sure people know what's going on on my site and so many don't even come on any longer. I can call, or I can put in support tickets. I get the message, we'll send this to our technician team. I've written them again, saying little things and still not fixed. Messed up as much as it is fixed. I pay sixty dollars a month and hours out of my day because the way 3.0 is set up is "not" a good idea for members. I've had my little community websites for fifteen years with the same people and they are not coming on so tell me again that their trying. For three or four years it's one week we're on, and onother week off. We just get going, then we're messed up and it takes me a lot of time to get members going again and then something else happens. I'm exhausted. Plain and Simple Steve. I don't enjoy it because of the work I put into it. I put in as much time on my site here to keep members participating as if I should be getting paid. I'm exhausted!

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