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If your Ning site has a dark theme, you may be scratching your head wondering how to make the text legible.  Because it is a 3rd party integration, I can't find anywhere the ability to switch the facebook comments module theme from light to dark.  So, I recently switched my overall theme to a darker background which made all of my Facebook Comment modules look like this:


Ugly right?  Well because the comment module is essentially an iframe, you have very view options of editing text colors. Your only real option as far as I can tell is to use CSS to change the background color behind the module.   You can do this with a single line of code and you'll get something more like this:



All you need to do is add this code to your Design Studio advanced CSS and you can change the background to any color you like.   Replace the #eeeeee to whatever hex color you want.

div.fb-comments.fb_iframe_widget.fb_iframe_widget_fluid_desktop {background-color:#eeeeee!important;}


Let me know if you have anyother suggestions or questions below or get in touch with me here on Creators


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