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Hey everyone, 

I haven't put up a tip in a while so i figured I'd let you in on a little secret, short and sweet.  If you have a facebook page dedicated to your community, you're gonna want to try this.

STEP ONE))))Go Here and find the HTML5 Module, click Install and choose your page to add it to.  Then click Application Settings and clear the code out of the HTML, CSS and JS sections.    It'll look like this:

make it like this

Now open a separate tab in your browser

STEP TWO))))Now go here to this tool (which is intended for ebay listings, but will work just fine for our purposes) and make a few tabs for yourself.... stuff anything you want inside except javascript.  

You can even, as I did, iframe in your elinks or videos or bookshelves or stores... go crazy, i'll wait.

STEP THREE))))Go back to your facebook tab from step one and paste the generated code from step two into the HTML section.

Simple as that.  Enjoy!

Example of one of my tests (you can embed Awesome table too)

See the Pen Tabbed Iframes by JFarrow (@JFarrow) on CodePen.

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