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NC for Hire

This question was asked a few weeks back with no satisfactory answer so I'm going to show you  how to make horizontal subtabs.

Simply copy and paste the following code into Advanced css box. 


/*SUBTABS Tweaks*/
div.xg_subtab ul, div.xg_subtab li {
float: left!important;
#xg_navigation ul div.xg_subtab {
width: auto;
/*SUBTABS Tweaks*/

Just use the following code If you want to change the background and font color of your preference. 

#xg_navigation ul div.xg_subtab ul li a {
background: red;

Live Preview:


You may want to contact me via my mail id if you want more than this tip.

Best Wishes


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  • NC for Hire

    Hey Bernard,

    Nice tip, although in Firefox it looks like this:



    • Hello Bernard and sweetpotato

      this will fix that problem in Firefox

      #xg_navigation ul div.xg_subtab ul li a span {
          margin-right: 0px !important;
          margin-left: 0px !important;



      • NC for Hire

        Well, I did not check it in firefox before posting this tip. BTW, thank you SP and George.

        • you're welcome Bernard :) you have a great day

  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the explanation on creating the horizontal subTabs.  Now I have two questions.  I'm building my Ning Website.  This is my website.  

    1.  I want my page/tab navigation 2-horizontal to look like  this website.  This website uses an (image slider plugin, similar to yours, and a WordPress Plug-in) to for the "Featured Ad".    I can modify the font color/style.  I just need to know what the code is and where do I put it in Ning1064511383.png?width=721?

    2.  What image scroller plugin are you using?  Would you mind sharing the code.

      • I'm also interested in question 1. Looks really cool!

        Please share the code if its possible! 

  • thank Bernard Lama


  • hello Debbie :)

    this should do the trick :-) I know it's not horizontal its vertical but it's the best I could do LOL :-) you have a great day Debbie

    #xg_navigation ul div.xg_subtab ul li a span {
        border-right: 4px solid black!important;
    #xg_navigation ul div.xg_subtab a{
        background-color: transparent!important;}


  • NC for Hire

    nice tip B~

This reply was deleted.



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